Ernst Licht Embroidery and Imports, Inc.

Charming German Oktoberfest Clothing at Daniel Licht Shelves

Ernst Licht is an authentic German clothing manufacturer based in Pennsylvania. The company specializes in supplying fantastic Oktoberfest costumes to the world. Their collections include dirndls, aprons, short blouses, jackets, and lederhosens among other clothing items.


Oley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2015 -- The Munich Oktoberfest is the one biggest carnival of the world. Spanning two days more than an entire fortnight, the city of Munich welcomes millions across the world to enjoy. The main idea of Oktoberfest is to slip into Oktoberfest costumes, drink beer from steins as much as you can, frolic with carefree German girls as much as you can, and also dance anytime in a constant beautiful folk music cacophony.

Women and men can basically feel the Oktoberfest mood just anytime by slipping into a traditional Bavarian costume. The dirndl and aprons and lederhosens are all very fantastic German Oktoberfest clothing in lively simple colors and designs. The cuts are simple, the embellishment minimalistic, and the colors not many. The German long skirt is sensual in its pleasant simplicity.

"I can tell you one thing. Once you are chilling out in a dirndl, you will feel at heart like an Alpine village girl. These clothes have magic, listen to me," Daniel was silently chuckling in the telephonic interview. The lederhosens are integral Oktoberfest costumes. These close fitting pants are originally made of leather.

A part of your low feet will be revealed, and it looks pleasantly funny. "A full length leather pant would have been tough. When the ankles are revealed and you wear socks, the legs get a schoolboy feel. That is what German boyishness is all about. Being happy!"

About Daniel Licht, Inc.
Daniel Licht, Inc. at Pennsylvania is an international German embroidery and steins creation service. The company recently opened a new online shop exclusively under the management of Daniel Licht, who also handles sales orders at the original site. Both shops have the same office address.

Contact Details
Company Name: Daniel Licht Embroidery and Imports, Inc.
Contact person: Daniel Licht
Address: Ernst Licht Embroidery and Imports, Inc.
347 Main Street Oley, Pennsylvania
19547, USA
Telephone: 610–987–9496