Panther Trading Company, Inc.

Panther Trading Company, Inc. Is Offering a Wide Variety of Zombie Slaying Products for Zombie Culture Enthusiasts


Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2015 -- Panther Trading Company, Inc., better known as Panther Wholesale, is an online wholesale warehouse operating out of Baltimore, Maryland. Panther Trading Company, Inc. sells a wide variety of knives, swords, axes and other weaponry as well as self-defense tools and apparel for individuals from all walks of life. For 2015, they are reaching out to enthusiasts of zombie culture to browse their nearly endless selection of Z-Slayer and other zombie slaying swords, axes, knives and protective apparel.

One zombie slaying product Panther Trading Company, Inc. specializes in is wholesale zombie slayer swords. This includes their Z-Slayer Zombie Slayer Undead Sword—a full-tang, brightly colored sword made from 440 grade durable black steel. This superior product includes a nylon sheath and shoulder strap. Secondly, Panther Trading Company, Inc. offers the Undead Gasher Katana, 38 inches overall, complete with brass pommel, guard and sound effects. Panther Trading Company, Inc. also offers a wide variety of Z-Slayer and Undead Survival Kukris and Gurkhas. These durable weapons are up to 15.5 inches overall length and will keep the worst of the undead legions at bay.

Customers can also visit Panther Trading Company, Inc. to access their selection of wholesale z-slayer knives online. On their website, people can find fixed blade knives with full camouflage covering handles and blades, as well as heavy duty bayonets. Interested buyers can also find a diverse selection of zombie survival knives, undead machetes, throwing knives and more. These wholesale z-slayer products are perfect for building a diverse personal arsenal or retail selection.

Panther Trading Company, Inc. is for serious weapon enthusiasts, hunters, law enforcement and military professionals and individuals who are looking to protect themselves in a worst-case scenario effectively. The company has a wide variety of wholesale fixed blade knives and other wholesale survival knives for a wide variety of professions and situations.

To learn more about Panther Trading Company, Inc., please call 866-644-0134 nationwide. Their offerings in bulk knives make them one of the best wholesale knife stores online. Talk to a representative and view their website to learn about the wide variety of other products Panther Trading Company, Inc. offers.

About Panther Trading Company, Inc.
Panther Trading Company, Inc. is an online wholesale distributor of Airsoft guns, martial arts weapons, and self-defense items. They work hard to offer the lowest wholesale prices around on high-quality, hard to find products. Products are imported from China, India, and Pakistan, and samples are tested before being shipped to customers. Panther Trading Company, Inc. continually invents new items and promises their clients 100 new products every month.

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