Absolute Tile & Stone

A Tile Installer Sets out to Be More Than Just a One Man Shop

An experienced tile setter named Wade Johnson Owner of Absolute Tile & Stone decides to go digital with his business.


Tarzana, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2015 -- Wade Johnson, a 43 year old man is a driven business owner looking to harness the power of the internet and expand his local tile business. He currently supports his wife, and his young boy Grayson.

"I don't want to just continue, living job by job." "I know what I am doing and it's time for me to be more than just a tile setter."

In his adventures of expanding his business. He ran into a driven entrepreneur, named Randy James, learning to make websites, and local marketing. Currently manages inventory for a few local motorcycle dealerships in town. Randy had an ad out for portfolio cost work and Wade took advantage of this prime opportunity.

The two had gotten together, they were supposed to meet at a local restaurant, but the restaurant had gone out of business, so they decided to discuss the project over a drink at the local bowling ally next door to the closed down restaurant. "It was like our very own office, Wade chuckles off".

Wade and Randy had decided to work together, and built out the site http://tilebyabsolutetileandstone.com/

"Randy and I worked on the site every night when we got off work." "We constantly added more articles, and pictures to make the site compelling and hopefully picked up by Google." "As of now, there have been no tracked organic leads", says Randy. We have just finished most of the on-site seo, and are going to start building external links coming into the site." They are currently in the third week of the project.

"A few things that can be proven as very help full are verifying your Google places page manually with Google, we have seen a 6% increase in exposure in exposure to the page." Randy explains. Wade did mention that it was really cool to tell a client for the first time, "Yes I do have a website." When a new client had asked him during a recent proposal.

As I talk to the two, I begin to understand what a detailed and grueling process site building and SEO really has behind it. I am truly honored to meet these guys, they are both extremely passionate about the project, and I look forward to seeing there success.