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LISSA the Shop Announces Selections to Prepare Closets for the Spring Transition


Morristown, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2015 -- With the brutally cold temperatures hitting record lows, freezing pipes and making people want to stay inside under a blanket, it's hard to imagine that spring is anywhere near coming. Furthermore, as women everywhere are adding layer after layer of clothing, it's even harder to imagine preparing closets for the lighter, brighter clothing of spring. But the day will come sooner than expected when women will open their eyes to a beautifully warm day and will go running to their closets in search of the perfect outfit to match their bright mood. Unfortunately, if they didn't prepare for the transition, they will be met with heavy sweaters and dark winter colors. To help fashionistas avoid that dreaded moment, LISSA the shop announces selections to prepare closets for the spring transition.

Unlike other clothing boutiques online, LISSA the shop only features designers that focus on sustainable production methods and fair trade practices. As a multi-brand online clothing store, their site provides styles in a wide array of colors and textures that range from casual to chic and classic to modern. Customers will easily be able to find the perfect tops and bottoms to prepare for the spring transition.

When thinking about the pieces that can work for the end of winter and throughout spring, LISSA the shop recommends adding some color, picking lighter pieces for layering, such as light jackets and thin cardigans, and switching out wool sweaters and scarves for thinner fabrics. For instance, the CP Shades line offers a Jasmine Tunic Top made with a blend of cotton and silk fabrics. It can be worn with a thick pair of leggings or unaccompanied as a dress, and its slightly transparent material makes it perfect for that tricky winter to spring change.

Customers interested in light, classic styles made with 100% natural and sustainable fabrics should buy CP Shades clothing online. The company cuts, sews and dyes all of its clothing in the San Francisco Bay area and designs its clothing to last throughout the seasons for years to come.

Those interested in learning more about eco-friendly clothing or purchasing pieces from any of LISSA the shops' designer brands can view their entire inventory on the website.

About LISSA the shop
LISSA the shop is an independently owned online boutique offering fashion from independent, innovative designers. They focus on providing contemporary sustainable fashion for mindful women through brands like Comfy USA, ecoSkin, Prairie Underground, Neon Buddha, and many more. The clothing supports designers who are committed to working with responsible suppliers and utilize eco-friendly production methods. Coming from a strong background in the fashion industry with experience working with many top fashion designers, LISSA the shop combines a passion for fashion and a commitment to a sustainable future and ethical lifestyle.

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