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Mortgage Broker Store Stops Ontario Foreclosures by Selling the Property First


Ontario, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2015 -- Mortgage Broker Store is an Ontario based company that focuses on private mortgages for individuals with bad credit. As of the last year, more of their efforts have been focused on their eviction stopping services. Ontario has two major eviction processes, Power of Sale and Foreclosure, both can be used by lenders to sell your property, with the main different being that a foreclosure takes longer. The staff at Mortgage Broker Store understands the complexities of both processes, and regularly stop them with a high success rate.

While most mortgage brokerages offer similar services most will simply attempt to place another mortgage on the property.  In very few cases does adding an additional mortgage on a property help to stop a foreclosure or power of sale. One of the most effective methods for stopping evictions is to actually sell the property. While this may not sound ideal, it leaves the homeowner in a far better position than if the eviction process was completed. In most cases, the fees that the lender charges for a power of sale or foreclosure takes every dollar or equity that may be left in the home. By selling the property quickly, the homeowner typically will have thousands of dollars to use towards other accommodations.

Many professionals from all industries related to real estate have been referring clients to Mortgage Broker Store for help with evictions. Ron Alphonso of Mortgage Broker Store has said "We seen referrals from all sorts of people, from mortgage agents to real estate agents. In return we give them business and we get clients who would lose everything if not for us, it's a win for everyone." While Mortgage Broker Store was originally founded as a mortgage focused company, but has begun to shift its focus to specialized real estate services.

The demand for people who are looking to buy power of sale and foreclosure properties is far greater than the number of such properties for sale. For this reason, Mortgage Broker Store has also set up a system for contacting people who would like to purchase these properties.  Mortgage Broker Store maintains an email list which alerts people to new power of sales amiable. Mortgage Broker Store has also partners with over 20 Ontario real estate agents who tell their clients about new properties of this type that are up for sale. Lenders in Ontario are legally obligated to sell properties for market value, however, properties of this type are usually a few thousand dollars cheaper than comparable properties.

If you have any questions, please email or call 416-499-2122.

About Ronald Alphonso
Ronald Alphonso is a mortgage agent, license number M11001286. You can find more information on private lenders in Ontario at our website

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