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Power of Sales Ontario Partners with Real Estate Professionals


Ontario, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2015 -- Canadian company, Power of Sales Ontario is a real estate firm that specializes in preventing home evictions. A power of sale is the most common legal process for lenders who want to take over a property; foreclosures take longer and are less common.  The staff at Power of Sales Ontario are well versed in the both legal processes and consider every possible course of action before choosing the best one for its clients.

The company has started to form partnerships with all varieties of real estate professionals. This includes mortgage agents, real estate agents, as well as residential construction professionals. Stopping these legal processes is something that is very difficult for most typical mortgage agents due the unique and complex nature of the legal work involved. Power of Sales Ontario has partnered with over 20 real estate professionals, providing their clients with eviction stopping services and legal advice.

The real estate agents who are part of the partnership also have access to Power of Sales Ontario's property listings. All the properties sold by Power of Sales Ontario are sold at a discount and are typically the lowest priced properties in the given neighborhood. Real estate flipping, which is purchasing properties for a low price then selling high, is a popular practise in Ontario. These real estate agents get immediate access to these properties, which are typically sold within 2 weeks. Unlike the US, properties in Ontario legally must be sold for fair market value, however, they are typically priced as low as possible to speed up the sales process.

Ronald Alphonso, (President of Power of Sale Ontario) stated that "We started by just providing services that stop power of sales and foreclosure. We are now realizing the incredible potential of related services such as selling power of sale properties, and that is where we are focusing on now.". The company has had tremendous growth over the past year and is looking for new avenues of generating revenues.

Have any questions regarding a power of sale or foreclosure, please email or call 647-385-2122.

Ronald Alphonso is a mortgage agent, licence number M11001286.

This site is designed to help people whose home may be facing power of sale or foreclosure in Ontario. We will explain how to stop a power of sale or prevent an eviction.

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Ronald Alphonso
Ontario, Toronto, Canada