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First Time Author Maria Garcia Becomes a Best Seller on Amazon Her First Week Out


Trenton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2015 -- Maria moved from a modest village in Spain to a working class neighborhood in the US as a youngster. She was in the midst of living the proverbial American dream when her life suddenly took a twist. After a mental and physical recovery that lasted years, Maria embarked on a journey of personal development and self-growth to discover her purpose and to learn more about what had happened to her. She discovered so many great pearls of wisdom that she felt compelled to write about her story and share what she had just learned. Her ultimate goal is to inspire others towards greatness in their lives despite any obstacles.

While writing her manuscript for her first book, Maria met the owner of a small boutique-marketing firm, Passion To Profit (, which offers Hybrid Book Publishing services. She decided to have that company publish and market her book rather than go with a traditional publishing house. What a great decision that was. A few short months later, her book was finished, printed and in her hands. Maria worked with her hybrid publisher to create buzz and launch her new book that propelled her to Amazon Best Seller status within her first week of launch.

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Here are some of the amazing topics covered in this book:

- Brief intro to the Law of Attraction

- Why it is wise to guard your sphere of influence, down to the things you watch and read

- Some of the benefits of meditation

- How an attitude of gratitude impacts your life

- Foundational attitudes and behaviors that directly correlate to your happiness and success

Maria is still in the launch phase and to fulfill her mission, she is looking way beyond best seller status and wants to get her book into the hands of hundreds of thousands of people so that she may share her pearls of wisdom and inspiration with the world.

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About Maria Garcia
Today Maria lives in New Jersey and continues to pursue a higher understanding of herself in the frame of the laws of the universe through courses, books, and self-experimentation. Presently, she is a partner in a private equity firm and visits her family in Europe as often as possible.