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VDS Dubai Launches Exciting New Reseller Program

New program will give selected, qualified partners access to company's full range of popular, proven IP telephony systems at unbeatable prices, VDS Dubai reports


Dubai, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2015 -- VDS Dubai, a premier provider of high-quality telephony equipment, announced the launch of the company's new reseller program. Qualified resellers who register under the new program will receive special, discounted prices on VDS Dubai's wide selection of PBX systems, gateways, IP telephones, and more. VDS Dubai serves clients in the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and many more countries in the broader region.

"We are excited to announce a great new opportunity in the form of our just-launched reseller program," VDS Dubai representative Anvar Azees said, "From this moment on, access to our inventory of field-tested, proven telephony equipment will be offered on extremely attractive terms to our new partners." Once the exclusive domain of some of the world's largest and most ponderous firms, the telephony industry has evolved rapidly along with the spread of the Internet.

Today, many of the most important and impressive telephony companies hum with the same sort of agility and ambition that typically characterize Silicon Valley startups. These fast-paced telephony specialists rely for their success on being able to anticipate industry trends and show up on the leading edges of them, a kind of activity that is normally beyond the means of much larger, established institutional telephony players.

As the UAE's leading provider of telephony equipment, VDS Dubai falls firmly in the former camp. The company's ranges of IP Office Telephone Systems and other telephony equipment have been selected specifically to meet the demanding requirements of businesses in the Middle East and Africa, typically focusing on offering the best possible mixes of flexibility, power, and cost-effectiveness for users in these areas.

This ability to select and provide the best telephony hardware for the company's clients has made VDS Dubai one of the region's fastest-growing firms of its kind. Founded with a mission to provide the kinds of rock-solid, affordable, IP Telephone Systems Dubai businesses were having a difficult time procuring on the local market, VDS quickly grew to an international scale as word of the company's offerings spread.

The new VDS Dubai reseller program, then, will serve as an excellent opportunity for partners who can benefit from wholesale access to a proven selection of high-quality telephony equipment at unbeatable prices. The Yeastar MyPBX IP PBX System offered through the new program, for example, has become a consistent favorite with small and medium businesses throughout the region, as it combines valuable flexibility with a range of sophisticated features not normally associated with systems in its price range.

Those interested in participating in VDS Dubai's new reseller program can sign up at the company's website using a simple contact form. A VDS representative will then make contact to work through further details. Prospective partners can also browse VDS Dubai's full selection of telephony equipment at the site, as well.

VDS Dubai is also pleased to announce a partnership with RTX Telecom, a leading DECT wireless telecommunications device provider. Through the new arrangement, VDS will be joining hands with RTX to provide wireless telephony solutions across the Middle East and Africa. RTX DECT phone systems that support up to 200 phones and 40 base stations will help to fulfill the demands of this fast-growing wireless phone market.

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One of Dubai's top telephony equipment suppliers, VDS Dubai offers a carefully selected range of high-performing telecommunications hardware to clients throughout the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Nigeria,Kenya and a number of other countries.