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Gardening Supply Retailer Mass Hydro Launches Brand New Website at

New site is cleaner and simpler to navigate than predecessor, works perfectly on mobile devices, and puts the most sought-after information within easy reach, Mass Hydro reports


Attleboro, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2015 -- Mass Hydro, a premier retailer of hydroponic, year-round, and indoor gardening supplies, launched a new website aimed at better serving the company's customers. The clean, appealing new site is even more informative and useful than the previous one, making it easier for customers to learn about the company's products and get directions to its retail locations in Attleboro and Brockton. The new website also makes use of responsive design principles that allow it to scale to perfectly suit mobile devices, giving visitors satisfying access wherever they might be. For over four years, Mass Hydro has provided the best in year-round and indoor hydroponic garden supplies, becoming during that time one of New England's leading sources.

"We're happy to announce that our beautiful new website is now online and available to all," Mass Hydro representative Derek Miller said, "Our Internet visitors are going to discover a simplified, streamlined experience that puts all of the most important information up front. In addition, mobile users are going to really appreciate how well the new site works on their phones and tablets."

With hundreds of millions of people worldwide still experiencing hunger on a regular basis, experts have long pointed to the technique of hydroponics as a possible answer to the problem. Growing plants in liquid-based mediums, instead of earth, greatly raises the potential output from a given allocation of land or other space, while also freeing farmers from problems like poor or exhausted soil. Large-scale projects in Uruguay and Ecuador in recent years, in fact, have proven that hydroponics can be an excellent way of addressing the scourge of hunger.

The flexibility, efficiency, and productiveness of the hydroponic approach also makes it attractive to individuals who would not find other methods of gardening practical or attractive. In the Northeast, for example, short growing seasons often mean that farming by traditional means can be a frustrating experience, and many people simply lack the necessary outdoor space in the first place.

For more than four years, Mass Hydro has been a leading year-round source for indoor gardeners, hydroponic enthusiasts, and others throughout Massachusetts and New England, whatever their particular situations and goals. By focusing intently on stocking the best available gardening and hydroponic supplies of all sorts, from seed starters and containers to growing mediums and lights, the company has built up a reputation as one of the most reliable, affordable, and capable gardening retailers of all.

A firm commitment to offering the best in customer service has also helped Mass Hydro become such a widely respected source for indoor gardening enthusiasts. The newly launched website at is an outgrowth of this drive, as it offers up an even more satisfying and useful online experience to customers. Whether by visiting the new Mass Hydro website, then, or the company's retail locations at 679 Washington Street in Attleboro or 1753 Main Street in Brockton, gardeners can be assured of the best in service and supplies.

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New England's leading one-stop grow shop, Mass Hydro is a top year-round gardening supply retailer. With locations in Attleboro and Brockton, Mass., the company offers up an unbeatable selection of top quality, eco-friendly products and the best customer service anywhere.