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OblivionPersonalProducts.com Anticipates a Sales Boost Thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey

The movie will likely lead to couples wishing to experiment in the bedroom and the sale currently running on vibrators allows them to do so at an affordable price, reports Oblivion Personal Products


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2015 -- Fifty Shades of Grey continues to draw people to movie theaters around the world, grossing more than $400 million in its second week of release. As a result of the interest in this movie, Oblivion Personal Products expects to see an increase in their sales and has anticipated this. The company is now running a special where one can buy luxury vibrators for women online with 45% off. Women and men wishing to purchase these items will find these products to be the best high quality luxury vibrators for women online today.

"Thanks to the movie, couples around the globe find they are more willing to experiment in the bedroom. Sadly, many women find it difficult to obtain full satisfaction through intercourse alone. With the help of a vibrator, such as those sold through Oblivion Personal Products, much of the pressure is taken off of the couple. This allows the partners to focus on enjoying each other and their relations instead of worrying about their performance," Angelina London, spokesperson for Oblivion Personal Products, explains.

Those hesitant to try a vibrator in the bedroom for any reason should visit the Oblivion Personal Products site to learn more about how these products may be of benefit to them. For example, many believe women who cannot obtain satisfaction without a vibrator must have something wrong with them. The site goes on to explain why this is not the case and how a vibrator can bring more pleasure to both partners in a relationship.

London states vibrators aren't merely for those who aren't in a committed relationship. In fact, more couples use vibrators than single women alone. She also explains that the the use of a vibrator is completely natural, similar to the use of perfume, candles, and soft music to set the mood and heighten the overall experience. The site debunks numerous myths associated with these objects and many will be surprised to find what they learn.

In addition to vibrators, the company offers a variety of other sex toys. Couples may find they wish to try lubes, prostate massagers, and more. Couples often need to experiment to find what they are comfortable with, which is why the site provides a variety of products, all at reasonable prices.

"Visit the site today to see what items might be of interest to you. Although you may not be interested in the activities seen in Fifty Shades of Grey, such as being tied up during intimate relations, there are a number of products which you will find to be enjoyable. Men, with the help of the site, learn how to facilitate ejaculation while women may read about tips for purchasing a vibrator. The site acts as a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their sex life and is one everyone should check out," London proclaims.

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Offering a line of high-quality adult products, Oblivion Personal Products helps couples intensify and heighten their sexual pleasure. Many items offered through the company include unique patented features not found in similar products to help achieve this goal, and the company works to satisfy each client by offering vibrators in a range of sensual colours, sizes, and designs. In addition, the company now supplies a variety of other sex toys to guarantee each client finds what they need to obtain maximum satisfaction in their private interactions.