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Badass Helmet Store Launched in Answer to Sorely Limited Selection of Biker Gear

The right helmets and accessories allow bikers to prepare for the crash but dress for the ride, publishes


Grand Rapids, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2015 -- A recent study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety administration reveals helmets increase the likelihood of surviving a motorcycle crash by an average of 41 percent. Because of this statistic, an estimated 63 percent of bikers choose to wear helmets even in states where doing so is not required by law. The problem lies not in increasing awareness of the importance of donning a helmet, but in providing bikers and their passengers a selection of affordable helmets offering comfort and style while also adhering to safety guidelines set forth by the Department of Transportation.

This dilemma comes as no surprise to Karl Steinmeyer, who has launched the grand opening of Badass Helmet Store, deemed by critics the coolest new helmet store on the web. Said Steinmeyer, "Life experience has given me a first-hand view of the limited selection we have when it comes to helmets and all the necessary extras. Most of the really comfortable ones fall short in offering protection, but the models built for safety tend to make the ride miserable. On top of that, most of the designs out there are a dime a dozen. Our store gives bikers the freedom of being safe and comfortable while letting their own personalities shine through."

According to the company website, among their most popular Motorcycle Helmet Accessories are custom skull face masks. These give an out-of-the-ordinary appearance but also provide an extra element of protection against wind, bugs and asphalt. Cold weather gear also makes riding more comfortable during the winter months; furthermore, this type of coverage helps better secure a slightly loose-fitting helmet.

The company's assortment of helmet lights give riders an extensive list of customization possibilities while also acting as a distinctive feature to help them stand out against conventional traffic. This is often crucial to being seen by drivers who would otherwise overlook an oncoming motorcycle. Their inventory additionally includes ear buds, CB radios and headsets specifically designed for use with helmets.

Steinmeyer concluded, "No one can control the other drivers on the road. The 'look twice, save a life' mantra is nothing more than empty words to most people. Drivers are still going to pull out in front of bikers, merge into their lanes during heated texting battles and cut them off at every pass. Bikers can't stop that, but they can protect themselves and look good at the same time. At, we make it simple and fun to prepare for the crash but dress for the ride!"

About Badass Helmet Store
Built on the belief that bikers can remain safe and comfortable while standing out in a crowd, Badass Helmet Store offers a vast array of unique helmets, accessories and safety gear. As a store of bikers, by bikers, the staff understands the needs of their customers and strives to offer them a continually updated selection of quality products.