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Appraisal Management Company Appraisal Hub Now Taking Applications from Appraisers

Quick online registration gives qualified appraisers across the country opportunity to work with best, most rewarding appraisal management specialist, The Appraisal Hub reports


Norwood, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2015 -- The Appraisal Hub, a nationwide, full-service appraisal management company, announced that it is taking applications from independent property appraisers who are interested in joining the company's network. With a sophisticated online appraisal order management system that simplifies and streamlines the appraisal process for both appraisers and lenders, The Appraisal Hub also offers some of the industry's best rates to those who do work through it, along with timely, reliable payment. Founded in 2008, The Appraisal Hub has since grown to become one of the country's leading appraisal management companies.

"We're happy to say that we are accepting applications from appraisers who would like to join our team," Appraisal Hub founder Rina Cametti announced, "Those who work with us already can say how rewarding the experience is, as we put a real premium on making things as productive and painless as possible for both lenders and appraisers."

As part of the due diligence associated with issuing mortgages and other property-backed loans, lenders must typically arrange for independent appraisals of value to be conducted. Despite being such a common need, this can surprisingly difficult to arrange for in a satisfying way. Many appraisal management companies, for example, seek to maximize their profits by employing only those less-qualified appraisers who will work for the lowest fees, while others are simply unreliable.

In the past, appraisers themselves have rarely had it any easier, often feeling forced, in order to make a living, to do work for companies that rarely seemed to value their time and contributions appropriately. The prevailing situation in the industry, then, was for decades one that was recognized by those on both sides as being far from satisfactory.

Starting in 2008, The Appraisal Hub set out to change that. Relying on Cametti's years of experience and deep understanding of what was needed, the company was founded on a brand-new appraisal order management system that was designed from the ground up to streamline and improve the quality and reliability of the traditional process. The efficiency gains that innovative online software system produced allowed the Appraisal Hub to greatly better the age-old bargain for both lenders and appraisers, a capability that quickly turned it into a Nationwide AMC of impressive reputation.

The Appraisal Hub's announcement that the company is taking applications for appraisers to join its network, then, represents an important chance for these hard-working professionals to take advantage of one of the best opportunities in the industry. A simple online registration and application will set the process in motion, after which those who are accepted will be able to engage with the Appraisal Hub's industry-leading appraisal order management system. Appraisers who do work through the company are not charged membership or order fees and are provided with the full range of high-quality tools and support that have helped make the Appraisal Hub one of the leading forces in the industry.

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Greatly bettering the experiences of appraisers and lenders, appraisal management company The Appraisal Hub helps those from both groups cut through the traditional hassles and inconveniences, simplifying the appraisal process in reliable, rewarding ways.