Resent Research: Chamomile Tea Can Regulate Blood Sugar, Prevents and Manages Diabetes

A recently available research within the Journal of Agricultural & Food Biochemistry discovers that chamomile can greatly help in stabilizing blood sugar levels and control Diabetes.


Fairhope, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2015 -- The importance of controlling body sugar is obvious, because stabilizing blood sugar levels can avoid several health issues, one of which is diabetes that happens because of years of unstable blood sugar levels. Luckily, for many people it's inside their capacity to manage their blood sugar by staying active and eating a health and balanced diet. Still, most people don't know that blood sugar can also be stabilized by drinking chamomile tea.

The scientists at the Toyama University in Japan and the Institute of Grassland and Ecological Research in the UK have analyzed the result of chamomile tea on diabetic rodents. Nearly half of the rodents were given a dosage of chamomile extract for 3 weeks. Another group of diabetic rodents was given an ordinary diet without any inclusion of chamomile.

The researchers noticed that after chamomile extract was given to the rodents, a smaller quantity of glucose was converted into sorbitol (a sugar liquor). Extra sorbitol may cause harm to the eyes, kidneys and nerve cells. This enzyme mainly accountable for this sort of harm in diabetics were also controlled within the chamomile rodents. The rodents who were given chamomile extract also confirmed a general reduction in blood-glucose as compared to other rodents.

The research stated that there's a definite link between everyday usage of chamomile tea and avoiding the development of hyperglycemia and diabetes. Still, more research needs to be done to find out how efficient this therapy could be, but to anybody trying to find an all-natural method of controlling blood sugar levels, the outcomes of the research are far more than enough support to begin drinking chamomile tea.

Chamomile tea's advantages are not only for diabetics. For diabetics, regulating blood-sugar is extremely important for overall health, however the fact is, even non-diabetics can take advantage of sustaining regular blood sugar. Blood sugar level shifts are related to exhaustion, sugar urges and insulin-resistance, with other symptoms.

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