Recent Research: Chamomile Tea 'May Ease Diabetes'

A study says, Consumption of chamomile tea regularly may help to prevent the snags of type 2 diabetes, such as loss of vision, kidney and nerve damage.


Fairhope, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2015 -- Japanese and UK researchers sustained extract of chamomile to diabetic rats. The extract of chamomile is very useful to cut down the level of sugar in the blood and block all action of an enzyme that related to the development of diabetic problems. Researchers say, a regular cup of chamomile tea could help people to prevent the complication of type 2 diabetes.

The Charity, Diabetes UK advised against patients acting upon the discoveries until further research had been done. However, researchers say the Journal of AFC (Agricultural and Food Chemistry) study raises hope of a new anti-diabetes medicine. Cases of type 2 diabetes, a lot of which are connected to obesity, are on the increment all through the developed world.

Chamomile, also well-named as "Manzanilla", has been utilized for years as a remedial cure-all to treat a variety of medical issues including colds, stress and menstrual cramps. Researchers from University of Toyama, fed that an extract of chamomile is very useful in order to gather diabetic rats within 3 weeks and contrasted the outcomes and a group of control animals on a usual diet.

However, "Researchers of UK wouldn't endorse those people who are having diabetes to increase their intake of chamomile tea. A recent research revealed that "Eating a healthy and balanced diet, taking routine physical activity and following to any suggested medicines endure key ways to efficiently control blood pressure, glucose levels and fats in the blood.

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