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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2015 -- Today social media marketing is something that has become necessary for both small and big businesses alike. Likes, Fans, Follows, etc from Facebook and Twitter will count a lot, especially when trying to launch one's business over the internet. Since social media marketing isn't everybody's area of expertise, most of the time online businesses are looking for third parties that are providing such services. This website GetytLikes is now providing all common social media marketing services and at affordable rates.

This online service provides all necessary social media marketing services from Facebook likes to Twitter follows and fans. But what makes it different from all the other similar services is that all the likes, follows, etc that are provided here are 100% real; they are from real live accounts and hence 100% real people. One might wonder, so all the other services, what are they providing? Most of the time the likes are from "zombie" accounts, those accounts that have been created just to provide likes to clients and hence aren't quite that effective. The reason for this is, when a person likes or follows a particular website or another account using Facebook and Twitter, it in itself is like a recommendation to all their friends to check out the account or website. But with zombie accounts there are no friends to make the recommendation to and hence it isn't really worth one's money.

So, if one wants real Facebook account users, with many friends and followers, to like or follow one's Facebook/Twitter account or website, the best option is to buy likes and follows from GetytLikes. Because here likes and follows are provided from real, genuine accounts with good number of friends and followers. Hence these likes and follows can actually help create traffic to one's website and thus improve the popularity of the website. Additionally, the chances that one's website gets genuine likes, which haven't been bought, also increase. And since there is no question of fake users, the problem of one's account getting banned is totally eliminated.

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One would wonder whether it would cost a lot to get genuine likes. Well, this website offers various packages that are available at different costs and hence are quite affordable. Additionally, as the number of likes, follows purchased increase, the cost per like/follow decrease. And finally, online chat and support are provided 24x7 in case of any emergencies.

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