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Cruz Cases – Providing Protection for Users and Their Phone

Comes with advanced features that help protect smart phone users from powerful radio signals


Salt Lake City, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2015 -- Life without mobile phones is unimaginable but one should also consider the hazards of almost "living" with mobiles. With the advent of Smart Phones people today depend on their mobile to do a huge number of things. But the radio waves that are transmitted by smart phones are becoming a topic of great concern, year by year. Currently government agencies and other health organizations are issuing warnings and trying to educate people on the adverse health effects of mobile phone's powerful radio signals especially when held close to one's body and head. But since one can't do without a mobile the better alternative is to go for Cruz Cases.

The main advantage of going for Cruz Cases is using these phone cases one will not only be able to protect one's phone and keep it looking new longer, it is built using such materials which help reflect the intense radio waves away from the user's head and back towards the phone which helps in better connectivity to the cell tower. Hence it can be attractive not only as a designer phone case but in addition also provides protection from these powerful microwave radio signals.

One might wonder, when there are other vendors in the market why go for Cruz Cases? Well the answer to this is the way these cases are actually built. Most of the radiation blocking cases that are available currently fit at the back of the phone. Consequently as opposed to reflecting the radio signals send out of the front of the phone away from the user, they could reflect the signals send out of the back of the phone towards the user's head. "Our engineering design makes the difference", states John Cruz, Founder of Cruz Cases. Hence, these cases are designed in such a way that they actually can reduce the level of exposure when holding mobile phone against one's head or body.

About Cruz Cases
Additionally these cases come with many other advantageous features. These cases come with a shock absorption bumper guard to protect the phone. The flip lid cover protects the phone from scratches and acts also as a privacy guard when receiving personal text messages. Additionally the signals are reflected away from the user in a manner where there is no noticeable difference in the signal strength. And finally, the cover is ultra thin and designed in such a way as to make one's phone look really "smart"!

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