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The Unbeliever: Faith, Atheism and Fate Collide in Five-Star Christian Suspense Novel - Just What Lengths Does It Take to Prove God Exists?

Diligently crafted by E.L. Baylis, ‘The Unbeliever’ defies any single genre to enter the worlds of Christianity, Secularism, Romance, Suspense and Mystery. With a narrative that is both thought-provoking and highly entertaining, Baylis gives Christian readers a novel that holds their principles dear, while giving readers of ‘no faith’ the answers they have been searching for …


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2015 -- With the United States and the rest of the world starting to embrace the thought that "everything is relative" or "all roads lead to the same destination," fighting this belief presents a real challenge for those devoted to their faith. While some choose to preach from the pulpit and others take more extreme measures to compel people to put their faith in the Lord, author E.L. Baylis' new novel lets the reader explore for themselves the question, "Does God really exist and if he does, what does that mean for my life today?"

'The Unbeliever' isn't a piece of intense Christian propaganda, but a compelling novel that can naturally challenge anyone's way of thinking through its edge-of-the-seat fusion of suspense, romance and faith.


When the rich atheist Art Wellington gets shielded from gunshots by a complete stranger, he risks it all to find out why. In his search, Art begins to experience a power he didn't know existed from a source he refuses to acknowledge.

In another place and time, someone has suddenly died. Everyone is calling it an accident, but twenty-two years later, John Williams, the former sheriff of a small town gets a message spray-painted across his truck that blows wide open a murder investigation where everyone in town is now a suspect.

In a twist of events no one can see coming, these two stories collide into a dramatic climax where the unthinkable is revealed.

THE UNBELIEVER is a page-turning thrill ride that will surprise and inspire you to the very end.

To date, the novel has garnered rave reviews.

"Masterfully written with a keen insight for knowing the perspectives of different people, The Unbeliever is a masterpiece that should be read by believers and non-believers like." Danny Buntu

"I couldn't put it down! The two story lines are GENIUS and clearly DIVINELY INSPIRED! I highlighted so much in this book I'll end up reading the entire thing over when I review my highlights!" Amazon customer

"Page after page I wanted to know more about what was going on only to find the plot thickens (with subplots) and so much more is involved than I ever first anticipated… this work of fiction has it all." Sue in CT

"There were so many twists and turns, but it all came together flawlessly in the end… well written." Ruth Daley

"I enjoyed how The Unbeliever managed to keep up a fast pace while still having a good message; the faith aspects will appeal Christian readers but they don't slow down the plot at all." E. Lucus

"I loved the way the author kept you guessing about everything. I thought she did a great job of bringing these characters to life and look forward to reading the next story for them. I thoroughly enjoyed the discussions of it [the Bible]. It actually brought to light a few things that I didn't understand before in reading my Bible." Julie Baswell

"It took me all of about two nights to read this book from start to finish. No spoilers, but the end will leave you thinking about this one well after you're done reading… Truly this is the work of a master and a story that you will not want to miss. 5 Stars!" Lazaro

'The Unbeliever', published by iUniverse, is available now: http://amzn.to/1ov0UPP.

About E.L. Baylis
The author lives in the United States of America.