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Verse: Collective New Voices – Searing, Raw New Book Sees Seven Previously Unpublished Poets Unleash Their Most Primal Thoughts & Emotions

Researched and compiled by Dr. Michael O’Connell, taking his inspiration from the legendary Louis Untermeyer, ‘Verse: Collective New Voices’ cuts to the core of what it means to be human, through the work of seven world-class poets whose work has previously gone unpublished. Spanning North America to Europe, each of the poets has been pulled from the abyss of their own private hell to depict the angst, solitude and unrequited love that plagues millions of other soul searchers. This book is for them; a baring of the soul most poets wouldn’t dare.


Brick, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2015 -- Forty-five years ago, while still in High School, Michael O'Connell picked up a copy of Louis Untermeyer's 'A Concise Treasury of Great Poems' – igniting what would become a forty-five year dream for O'Connell to release his own treasury. In 2015, that dream has become a reality.

But 'Verse: Collective New Voices' is radically different from anything Untermeyer ever published. O'Connell's focus is solely on the unpublished poet; poets whose own inner turmoil produces verses that perfectly capture the struggles of the human condition.


Verse: Collective New Voices is a collection of poetry from new and previously unpublished authors. The poems linger in the depths of angst, solitude, and unrequited love. The authors have given of themselves so that you may relinquish part of your soul searching.

"I spent three years covering thousands of miles on the hunt for not just the world's best unpublished poets, but those who know adversity well enough to depict emotion in the way few writers can," explains Dr. O'Connell. "I found seven, each with their own individual and distinct voice, but drawn together through their primal thoughts and experience with broken love. The resulting book is a powerful playground of exploration for fellow soul searchers out there."

Continuing, "It's a dark collection that still manages to compel readers to explore every facet of their existence. Dragging each poet from their own private hell was no easy task, but I somehow found the bravest souls in the pack. To bring their work further to life, each poet is introduced through an original and specially-commissioned piece of artwork. This really is grassroots poetry as it has never been seen before."

Readers agree, leaving a string of positive reviews. Rider Jacobs comments, "Gritty, raw and urban this collection of poems evokes emotion and image to things most of us are afraid to express. Very enjoyable, a great read for those who enjoy the darker side of life."

Debbie, from Pages of Sunshine, adds, "This book will grab you and hold you and it is a comfort and a release from your own demons. Enjoy it and admire the spirit that has been shown."

'Verse: Collective New Voices', from Hibernian Publishing¸ is available now: http://amzn.to/1ED4G1f.

For more information on the publisher, visit: http://www.hibernianpublishing.com.

About the author, in his own words
Verse has been in development for over forty years. Ever since reading Louis Untermeyer's classic, 'A Concise Treasury of Great Poems,' I have wanted to put together a collection of my own. Unlike Mr. Untermeyer's collection, Verse's attention is on the new and raw previously unpublished author. I know you will thoroughly enjoy this collection.