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Alura Business Solutions Advises Business Owners to Protect Data by Having a Consistent Backup Service


Plymouth Meeting, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2015 -- Alura Business Solutions is a Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania-based Managed IT Services firm providing managed IT and data center services all throughout the East Coast and Tri-State area. Alura is advising business owners to protect their data with regular backup services.

Hard drives can become irreparably damaged and it's hard to predict when they are at the end of their rope. Businesses often store data including billing information, personal contact information, e-mail addresses and other sensitive confidential information. When this data becomes lost or compromised, businesses can face consequences including potential legal sanctions and lost business.

For owners of small to medium businesses, there are many companies that offer full off-site data storage and regular, efficient backup services. Alura Business Solutions is one of those companies, offering some of the most trusted backup and IT services in Montgomery County, PA and all throughout the Tri-State area.

Through their "Cirrus" service, customers of Alura Business Solutions have access to customizable off-site remote backup solutions. Alura Business Solutions efficiently backs up data, guaranteeing that the process won't slow down computer processes within any business. This is just another reason that Alura Business Solutions has become the trusted source for managed IT services throughout their extensive service area.

For some businesses, having effective backup protocol in place isn't just a smart decision, it's also the law. With the advent of new laws and requirements being put into place by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), protecting financial credentials is now the fiduciary responsibility of a business owner more than ever.

With the creation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), protecting personal and confidential health information is the full responsibility of a business owner. The US Government has high standards for backing up and encrypting personal health information. Alura Business Solutions knows how to help a business' backup systems achieve compliance with a wide variety of government organizations.

Businesses every year benefit from Alura Business Solutions' data center, data protection, secure remote backup services and much more. They are the trusted source for IT support in nearby Montgomery County, PA. They provide Fortune-100 level managed IT services all throughout the East Coast and Tri-State Areas in the United States.

For more information, please call Alura Business Solutions at 844-558-7200. Additionally, they can be reached by fax at 215-721-1102. Potential and returning clientele can also reach Alura Business Solutions by filling out a contact form on their website.

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Alura Business Solutions presents a professional, leading-edge IT perspective to small businesses and mid-sized business. By offering extensive experience and technological expertise, the company is able to perform high-quality services for any system in use. Alura Business Solutions can meet the specific business objectives and goals given to them by their clients. As small-to-mid-sized businesses expand, they turn to Alura Business Solutions for exceptional support.

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