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Dr. Aaron Spitz Has Received Approval to Provide Xiaflex Treatments for Men Suffering from Peyronies Disease in 2015


Laguna Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2015 -- Dr. Aaron Spitz is a nationally-renowned reproductive specialist and physician based in Orange County, California. He is the owner and lead practitioner for Orange County Urology Associates Inc., as well as the lead practitioner for Vasectomy Reversal USA, a division of the Orange County Urology Associates. For 2015, Dr. Spitz is informing both new and returning patients that he has received approval and clearance to provide Xiaflex Treatments for patients suffering from Peyronie's Disease.

Peyronie's Disease is a disease affecting the penis which causes deformity of the erection. Collagen builds up in the lining of the expanding tissue of the penis, preventing it from expanding properly and causing uncomfortable curvature, narrowing or shortening of the erection. Around 9% of men will suffer from Peyronie's Disease in their lifetime. Men experiencing a curvature of 30% or greater may seek treatment with Xiaflex, an injection therapy that has been clinically proven to break down the tissue responsible for causing penile curvature.

Dr. Spitz has years of experience treating reproductive health issues and providing fertility treatments. He has been featured in The Doctors and Dr. Phil, two television programs renowned for discussing problems that married and dating couples encounter, and dispelling myths surrounding the sexuality of both genders. In a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Slade Smiley announced that he would pursue treatment by Dr. Spitz's Vasectomy Reversal USA, as they are one of the most respected sources for Vasectomy Reversal in Indio, CA and everywhere nearby. Slade underwent successful sperm retrieval and he and Gretchen discussed their subsequent efforts with In Vitro Fertility on The Doctors, also featuring Dr. Spitz.

Vasectomy Reversal USA is in fact one of the most trusted and renowned practices on America's West Coast for those seeking vasectomy reversal around Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Cathedral City, Orange County, Huntington Beach and many other nearby regions. Likewise, Dr. Spitz's Orange County Urology Associates is equally as respected, receiving patients from all over the nation.

Dr. Spitz believes in making all of his procedures as minimally invasive and comfortable as possible, as he is constantly working to surpass current techniques and create groundbreaking procedures. Dr. Spitz was a pioneer in the introduction of Xiaflex to patients with Peyronie's disease and he continues to proactively to advance Peyronie's Disease research as time progresses.

For more information about Dr. Aaron Spitz, Vasectomy Reversal USA or Orange County Urology Associates, please call Dr. Spitz's practice at 800-352-2956 toll-free nationwide. His urology and fertility clinics treat victims of Peyronie's disease and more throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, California and nationwide.

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