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Krav Maga Training Presents Revisions and Upgrades to Their Training Videos

Additional content has been added to further distinguish Krav Maga from other unarmed combat systems, reports


Sarasota, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2015 -- Krav Maga Training ( proudly presents revisions and upgrades to their training videos. In addition, the site features new content to present this unarmed combat system in context with other systems of this type. Individuals interested in learning more about israeli krav maga find the site to be of great help in achieving their goal.

"Individuals these days remain very concerned about their safety and that of their loved ones. An easy to learn, modern system of fighting, Krav Maga continues to increase in popularity thanks to its easy accessibility for the ordinary person. Various law enforcement agencies make use of this fighting system, showing its distinguished pedigree. Law enforcement agencies currently teaching this fighting style include the Israeli military, the CIA, and the FBI," Richard Walker, spokesperson for Krav Maga Training, announces.

Individuals making use of the Krav Maga Training site find they have access to 41 different video clips which demonstrate the different kicks, elbow strikes, punches and other techniques which make up this martial art. Each video is accompanied by audio commentary which is precise, clear, and informative. Individuals find the site presents a comprehensive fighter's training manual in PDF form which may be used in conjunction with any combat program.

Walker explains the manual lays out the training plan and the correct way to breath without panting. Users discover how to freeze an opponent while taking him or her out and how to land a punch quickly. Approximately 95 percent of fighters take too long to land a punch, yet individuals who make use of the training offered through the site learn to avoid this problem.

The three complimentary formats ensure users obtain the information they need. Some find the manual offers the most information, yet others feel they could not master this system without the video clips and accompanying audio. Each basic move is covered in the system, both in combat and defense situations, against armed and unarmed opponents. Users find the program captures the effectiveness and simplicity of this martial art. The one drawback lies in the fact the program fails to recommend a practice method. One will likely need a partner to fully master the techniques presented.

"To obtain an overview and a flavor of what KM is, visit the site today. In addition to offering this information, site visitors learn about the history and principles of this martial art, techniques to be used, and more. Anyone interested in self defense should be sure to check this site out. Those who do so find they can learn a martial art in very little time, as the site offers all one needs to achieve this goal," Walker declares.

About Krav Maga Training
An excellent combat system, Krav Maga functions as an unarmed combat system which may be readily learned by any individual. When individuals find there aren't any Krav Maga classes in their area, they find they can learn from videos and manuals. Krav Maga Training offers these videos, presenting the latest information to ensure users learn the skills they need easily.