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Hertz Car Sales Releases New Stock Throughout North and South Carolina

Hertz Car Sales has received an influx of new stock in North and South Carolina, and newly certified pre-owned vehicles are now available in Winston-Salem, Charlotte and Rock Hill.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2015 -- Engineering has been improving constantly throughout the 21st century as car manufacturers understand that building quality and reliability are essential. As a result, cars can be used for many years and hundreds of thousands of miles, though many people still seem to want to upgrade every year or two. This leaves thousands of used cars available at a fraction of their original sale price, with most of their lifespan still ahead of them. Hertz Car Sales specializes in making these available to individuals with great savings. Hertz Car Sales has just approved a new batch of cars for sale in North and South Carolina.

Hertz Car Sales Winston-Salem has seven cars that were newly minted in 2014, making them pre-owned but barely used. These include no less than four V6 Ford Mustangs and three Nissan Versa Sedans for those looking for a more economical vehicle.

Hertz Car Sales Charlotte branch has four 2014 models with a greater spread between hatchbacks, sedans and coupes. These include both American and Japanese models known for their quality and reliability, all with low mileage and plenty of life left in them.

Hertz Car Sales Rock Hill branch has three 2014 models, with Ford and Nissan sedans and a Mustang V6 Coupe available. These automobiles have all been Hertz certified, ensuring that they are in good mechanical order and ready to be driven off the lot.

A spokesperson for Hertz Car Sales explained, "All these cars represent great investment opportunities for a used car buyer, and all come with our unique Hertz certification ensuring customers can trust these cars are in good condition. With flexible financing packages that can be custom-built by our teams, and scalable protection to ensure they leave the dealership insured, there is no reason not to make us the first and last stop when buying a car."

About Hertz Car Sales
Hertz Car Sales offers the very best in approved pre-owned and used automobiles. The Hertz certification system guarantees that all cars have undergone a strict quality assurance before they are made available to the public. With customizable insurance and financing packages available on all models, they aim to give customers the best and most complete experience possible.

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