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SpargoConnect Digital Marketing Agency and Abe Lee Partner to Expand Lee's Reach

The partnership allows the marketing agency to bring Lee's Classes to additional islands through the use of technology and digital marketing trends, reports


Honolulu, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2015 -- SpargoConnect ( and Abe Lee Seminars ( announce a partnership between their companies, one designed to help individuals throughout the islands take advantage of Lee's online class training in real estate. SpargoConnect, a new digital marketing agency, and Abe Lee, the biggest name in real estate training in the state, opted to create this partnership to expand Lee's reach using the latest technology and digital marketing trends which help to create a beautiful and intimate online user experience. Individuals throughout the islands find they can now access this real estate class training with ease.

""Abe Lee earned a reputation for providing the best pre-training and continuing education real estate education and this education may now be obtained through video. Users wonder if they will lose anything by selecting this option, yet the intimate online experience ensures every buyer obtains the full experience as the video imitates Abe Lee's five star in person classes," Fernando Gomez, spokesperson for SpargoConnect Digital Marketing Agency, declares.

Individuals turn to Abe Lee because he holds a five star rating on every review site, including Yelp ( The problem many encounter when trying to attend a class is they find the classes are only available to those in Honolulu. In addition, the in person events tend to sell out quickly, leaving many with the desire to attend and no way to do so.

Gomez explains the partnership between SpargoConnect and Abe Lee helps to ensure all in Hawaii can take advantage of these amazing classes. The goal is to imitate the in class experience Abe delivers using video, something no one else involved in Hawaii real estate training offers. Furthermore, the video differs from those offered by big corporations and mainland companies in that it isn't recorded using Power Point and a boring voice over. Instead, SpargoConnect records a live class being conducted by Abe Lee to ensure each user gets the full experience together with humor, class participation, and stories that make these classes such a hit.

SpargoConnect, the Honolulu Advertising and Digital Marketing Agency, makes the classes accessible to all on the islands. As Abe Lee is a name brand in the state and only focuses on real estate in Hawaii, the user obtains the best possible experience. SpargoConnect ensures clients receive this full experience by using digital marketing trends and the latest technology for optimal results.

"Anyone interested in real estate training needs to check this offering out. Those who do so find it meets their needs in every way. In addition, individuals who have been trying to take advantage of an Abe Lee class for some time with no success find they can now do so using a different medium. Everyone wins in this situation and this partnership is sure to be one that will last for years to come," Gomez announces.

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