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Rocott Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Cutboard Production

Now, Rocott Cutboarding has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund production of their new Cutboard, offering several levels of pledges and prizes.


West Olive, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2015 -- Cutboarding is a new water sport that combines the excitement of wakeboarding and the precision of slalom skiing.  As seen on video at, cutboarding offers the cutting and tight-turning carving ability of slalom skiing with the sideways stance of a wakeboard.  From beginners to professionals, this easily controlled and maneuvered board offers the thrill of speeding through a slalom course with the finesse of a wakeboard. 

Now, Rocott Cutboarding has launched a Kickstarter campaign at to raise funds for the production of this new product.

The funds raised through this Kickstarter campaign will be used to upgrade current manufacturing equipment such as molds and presses to allow for much larger-scale production than Rocott is currently able to handle.  With a team of highly-skilled workers and engineers, Rocott is ready to produce quality wakeboards by upgrading manufacturing capabilities.  Funds will also be used to market Cutboards to the slalom skiing and wakeboarding markets as a new and exciting alternative to these sports.

Pledges of $5 or more will receive recognition with the donor's name on the website.  For a $10 pledge, donors will also receive a keychain.  For $25, contributors will receive name recognition as a Bronze Contributor as well as a t-shirt.  Pledges of $100 will receive name recognition, five t-shirts and a chance to win a free Cutboard.  Pledges of $300 will receive name recognition as a Silver Contributor, a t-shirt and a free Cutboard, and for $350 donors can choose their own design on their Cutboards.  Donations of $450 will also receive a set of wakeboard bindings.  Donations at higher levels are also eligible for other prizes.  For more information on prizes available at each donation level, see the Kickstarter page.

About Rocott Cutboarding
We Are Rocott. We cross the line before its drawn. We live for innovation, creation and continuous improvement within our areas of passion. The thrills of outdoor sports are what make us tick.

When we noticed a gap in watersports we exploited it with the creation of the Cutboard. Wakeboarding left something to be desired in the areas of handling and control, while slalom skiing provided an awkward stance and decreased beginner stability. The Cutboard assessed our concerns and gave us the thrill of control, and the comfort and point of view a wakeboard offers.

Creating the Cutboard was no easy task. A team innovative thinkers, engineers and hands on laborers was pulled together and got right down to business. We scaled the industry for best practices relating to design, materials, construction and performance for both wakeboards and slalom skis. The team then utilized these best practices as a catalyst for the design and manufacture of the Cutboard.

Rocott takes pride in our American values and well-rooted moral base. We support American business by procuring all components domestically, and we work hard to create meaningful supplier-customer relationships for the procurement, manufacturing and distribution of our products.  We will seek sustainable growth through robust systems and processes to ensure long-term success and profitability throughout our innovative journey.

Contact Person:  Klynt Marcusse
Company: Rocott LLC
Address: 14700 mayberry Dr. West Olive MI 49460
Phone: 616-886-6853