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Trickhand Magic Course Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Production Funds

Trickhand is a unique card magic course that teaches card technique through a complete, full HD multilingual magic video teaching program. Trickhand is being offered through a new Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for large scale realization.


Assen, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2015 -- Trickhand is a series that teaches card magic through a multilingual video course that covers all basic magic principles and many routines and tricks. Now, Trickhand Magic Course is being offered through a new Kickstarter campaign located at that seeks funding for production and widespread distribution of the video series.

Trickhand promises transparency, quality and structure as the foundation throughout the entire teaching program. The series teaches the principles of magic that change frame of reference to allow users to understand magic tricks seen on television or the web. Further, Trickhand course users learn amazing magic tricks and can develop their own original card tricks using these principles.

The total teaching program consists of five separate courses grouped by theme and level. Each course contains 125+ videos that can be played on all smart devices. New videos will be added based on feedback from users. Those who complete the video course also have an opportunity to video their own routines and send them in for an official Trickhand Certificate.

All Trickhand videos will be available in Full HD, HD and LD (1080p/720p/240p). Teaching videos are supported by both voice-over and on-screen text. While a number of languages will eventually be available, the videos will start with English and Dutch. Users will be able to review every video and provide feedback to help improve the teaching program.

The first videos teach basic skills such as how to hold the card deck properly, then move on to more advanced skills such as shuffles, cuts, controls, palms, forces, sleights, flourishes, tricks and routines. Every detail is taught step-by-step and shot from multiple angles to allow for full viewing and comprehension. Videos on audience psychology are also included.

About Trickhand
Trickhand is offering a complete video series for those who want to master card trick routines.  These videos will provide users with everything needed to become proficient in learning and creating their own card tricks.

Contact Person:  Nick Dijkema
Company: Trickhand
Address: Assen, Drenthe The Netherlands
Phone:  +31637332807 (contact person: André Hoogerbeets, Public Relations)