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Michael McKillip Offers "Fishing with Disabilities" Through Kickstarter Campaign


Mid-Missouri, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2015 -- Michael McKillip is a disabled Gulf War Veteran who has a plan to create an outdoors experience destination for fellow veterans who may be disabled or disadvantaged.  In order to fund this project, Mr. McKillip has launched a Kickstarter campaign, located at, that offers a wide range of prizes for various levels of contributions.

Mr. McKillip is a 100 percent service-connected disabled veteran who sustained injuries as a United States Marine in the Gulf War.  After spending 115 days in the hospital, including more than 60 days on a ventilator and feeding tube, Mr. McKillip returned home to six weeks of intensive antibiotic treatment and physical therapy.  During his convalescence, Mr. McKillip developed a strong sense of compassion for the disabled.  He grew determined to create outdoor experiences for others who might never otherwise have a chance to enjoy them.

His plan is to use a pure and uncontaminated freshwater natural spring to raise trout that will then be transferred to their natural ecosystem of more than one mile of trout streams that will be made accessible for people with all types of disabilities.  Once these streams are populated, McKillip will invite disabled and disadvantaged veterans to enjoy the experience of fishing outdoors.

This project will provide a sustainable and renewable source for outdoor fishing experiences for disabled and disadvantaged veterans and their contributors.  Group camping and fishing packages will also be offered to raise awareness of those with disabilities, as well as training for camp staff so that they can learn to assist those who want to experience outdoor activities.

Pledge levels from $25 to $1,000 are available through Kickstarter.  For more information on prizes at the various pledge levels, see the Kickstarter page.

About "Fishing With Disabilities"
"Fishing With Disabilities" is the dream plan of disabled veteran Michael McKillip, who fought in the Gulf War. McKillip has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to begin a service that will allow disabled veterans and their sponsors to enjoy the outdoors through fly fishing and other activities.

Contact Person: Michael McKillip
Company: "Fishing With Disabilities"
Address: Mid-Mossouri, MO, US
Phone: 773-263-8309