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Dr. Lambert Provides Smile Makeovers Using Snap-on Smile


Bethlehem, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2015 -- At Always About Smiles, patients of Dr. Lambert who wish to undergo a smile makeover, but who are not able to afford porcelain crowns or veneers, are rejoicing over the Snap-On Smile®.

Like its name suggests, the Snap-On Smile® is an appliance that snaps on easily to the teeth for an instantly beautiful smile. In addition to being a relatively inexpensive option, the Snap-On Smile® also offers a quick, painless, and reversible dental solution for those with dental phobias or time constraints.

"It requires no injections, no drilling, and no bonding adhesives. Best of all, patients are able to get their brand new smile in just two appointments," says Dr. Lambert.

Comprising a formula of hi-tech dental resin that makes it very thin yet very strong, the Snap-On Smile® looks just like natural teeth. It covers chips, stains, gaps, or crooked teeth, and is a good alternative for a removable partial denture. The Snap-On Smile® can also be used for both the lower and upper sets of teeth.

To briefly summarize the procedure involved in getting a Snap-On Smile®, the patient first picks the style and shade of the new smile they would like. Dr. Lambert then takes an impression of their teeth. Three weeks later, the patient returns for a final fitting of their Snap-On Smile® and if it fits nicely, they are able to start wearing it immediately.

Some patients express concerns about whether their speech will be affected. "Because the appliance fits over the teeth, it may feel bulky at first and patients may have to undergo a brief period of adjustment," explains Dr. Lambert, "However, most of them get used to it fairly easily when they keep the appliance on the entire day."

Dr. Lambert is constantly attending continuing education courses in order to bring his patients the latest and best in patient comfort, accurate diagnoses, and state-of-the-art technology and techniques.

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