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Dr. LeBlanc Uses Dental Lasers to Treat Gum Problems


Lafayette, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2015 -- A recent innovation in dental treatment, laser dentistry is now being used to treat a myriad of dental problems.

The beneficial effects of lasers have been proven through years of research in medicine and, in the last decade, by researchers in the dental field. "Laser dentistry is a safe, easy, and effective tool that eliminates the need for traditional gum surgery, particularly in the area of gum disease treatment," notes Dr. Ken LeBlanc.

Dental lasers make use of a strong beam of concentrated light energy that is aimed at a selected area. The accuracy of the light energy, directed exactly where it is needed, is a huge advantage uniquely associated with laser dentistry. These directed laser beams can treat gum disease, de-sensitize teeth, and even whiten teeth.

Dr. LeBlanc adds, "The thing about laser dentistry that my patients appreciate the most is that there is virtually no pain involved in the procedure. Therefore, no local anesthetic such as Novocain is needed. This is because the lasers allow us to have such highly selective, precise control."

Other benefits of laser dentistry include reduced bleeding, post-op pain, and trauma. The lasers encourage the healing process, minimizing the discomfort that is typically associated with most surgical dental procedures. In addition, having the laser procedure performed also kills bacteria in the mouth.

An example of a dental procedure that makes use of laser dentistry is gum tissue contouring, a cosmetic procedure performed in Dr. LeBlanc's office. Gum tissue contouring involves having a patient's gums reshaped in order to improve the appearance of their smile, or as part of other periodontal procedures, such as crown lengthening or pocket reduction.

"Most dentists use scalpels, lasers, and radio-surgery to perform the gum tissue contouring procedure. We use a no-scalpel surgical method called electro-surgery or radio wave surgery," says Dr. LeBlanc, "but we explain the differences in treatment methods so our patients can make an informed decision."

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