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EnderMetrics, a New Learning Analytics Platform for Mobile Apps, Is Available Now

EnderMetrics is a technology designed for kindergarten apps and helps app owners keep a track of the learning progress kindergarten children are making through their educational apps. Thanks to this information, they can analyze and improve children learning so the education will be adapted to each child so everyone can learn at their own pace.


Barcelona, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2015 -- Kindergarten is the first phase of education of children and therefore, they are essentially at the crux of their development. It goes without saying that it is because of this simple fact that a lot of care and attention needs to be given to the educational development of any child beginning their education in kindergarten.

After 2 years of research in education and technology fields, a Spanish team of entrepreneurs is launching a new innovative technology called EnderMetrics, funded by Capital Semilla - CORFO.

EnderMetrics has been designed to optimize children education through mobile devices, so any developer can integrate this Learning Analytics platform to check what children are learning and how are developing their skills.

Putting this technology to use is extremely easy and all that needs to be done is pre-order it from the website and set it up by feeding in the required information.

Some of the exciting features that make this app a must have for any digital content creator have been enlisted.

Ability to track easily:

The code generated is barely two lines long and the results can be seen instantly after it has been inserted into the app. Therefore, it eliminates long hours of app activation.

Dashboard integration:

This technology gives developers the ability to integrate the educational progress on their own app so parents and teachers can check also the reports. This helps them approach their kids and tell them about their subsequent progress.

Easy to manage the levels:

With EnderMetrics, one can manage game levels and optimize them depending on children skills, so a game will never be too easy or too hard, children will learn at their own pace.

Adaptable to any educational curriculum:

It is extremely easy to adapt the platform to any educational curriculum or just use the Common Core Standards to create a new one.

As part of the introductory offer, EnderMetrics is available at a whopping 75% discount for a one year package and is available for pre – order at €60 only. Additionally, one can even sign up for the free newsletter to stay up to date with the latest happenings.

About EnderMetrics
EnderMetrics is a company based in Spain and Chile and founded by three Spanish entrepreneurs: Judit Villarte, CEO, Jacobo Pedrosa, CTO and Sergi Planas, Game Expert.

Twitter: @endermetrics
Contact Name: Judit Villarte
Email ID:
Company Location: Barcelona - Spain and Santiago - Chile.