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Acumen Innovations Launches Advanced Secure Messaging App Safekeep


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2015 -- Acumen Innovations, a leading mobile app development company, has just released Safekeep, an iOS app providing secure messaging and storage for its users. This application allows consumers and businesses to keep sensitive and confidential information secure through a multi-layered security approach.

Every time a message is going to be sent, asymmetric encryption is employed to generate what is known as a key-pair. A public key encrypts the transmission while each user has a private key assigned to each contact that allows them to decrypt the message. This strategy means the message will be secure at rest and in transit, thus ensuring the integrity of the message is not compromised. Users can be assured that the message is unaltered and that the sender is exactly who they believe it to be.

"As a mobile application development company with a strong focus on cyber security, we possess the expertise to create industry leading security-oriented applications. The current app development marketplace leaves a lot to be desired as far as creating applications without vulnerabilities that hackers can easily exploit, and this is true even with apps claiming to offer their users confidentiality. The integrity of our clients' communications and systems as a whole is something we take very seriously. With Safekeep, users can have the peace of mind of knowing their information is secure and that the recipient will receive the original message as intended. This is critically important when communicating confidential information and can be especially useful in the area of enterprise communications. In addition to messaging, users are also able to store information in a highly secure container," said Acumen Innovations VP David Vargas.

Currently, there are various applications that claim to provide security for their users, but in fact still leave them open to attack, noted Vargas. "Many purported security apps use outdated encryption algorithms and security functions that have to been extensively proven to be easily bypassed. We, on the other hand, analyze the threat landscape from the perspective of a skilled attacker and defend against all attack vectors with multiple security layers."

About Safekeep
The app aims to create a new standard in encryption-based secure messaging and storage. Its creators also hope to inform people of the basics of mobile security so users do not blindly trust apps simply because they claim to be secure. Acumen has also made it clear that this app is not necessary for everyday exchanges, but will prove highly effective for confidential personal and corporate communications.

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