"Petworking" Pays off with Petpav.com, Pet's Best Social Network

Social media, a communications mainstay for humans, has now found a way to welcome the four-footed companions that are so integral to humans, thanks to Petpav.com. It was only a matter of time that pets started networking; make that "petworking."


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2015 -- On Petpav.com, pets aren't just welcome, they're the main attraction. And there's no danger of their profile being taken down by Facebook's pet police. Founder Lisa Fimberg launched the site because she wanted to create a social network where people and pets could connect with one another. "Petpav is all about our pets," Fimberg explains. "It's a safe and friendly place to talk about your pet(s) and the pet owners love and embrace it."

Petpav came into existence because Fimberg found that other sites didn't provide the mix of information and coziness that she was looking for in her Internet quest. Fimberg was visiting websites to get advice on what to do about her cat's unruly night-time habits. She found sites that answered her questions, but realized that people who love their pets don't just want information, they want a "petwork"…one that is fun, user friendly and pet-centric. And that's how Petpav.com started.

"After signing onto petpav.com and filling out your pets' profile, Sammy the site administrator, who also happens to be Fimberg's cat, will welcome you. You'll navigate to the petworking wall and introduce your pet and meet other pets and the people they own. The site is populated by pet lovers who are passionate about their animals," adds Fimberg.

The site also provides articles that give advice on pet health issues, local pet events, and news on pets. The pet forum answers questions on subjects as varied as feline leukemia, keeping pets healthy during the winter season, what one need to know before they adopt a guinea pig or a rabbit, and many other topics of interest. They also have a resident veterinarian who can answer general questions.

Pet businesses can also become members, where they have the opportunity to become Pet Business of the Week. This includes being featured in PetPav.com's weekly newsletter, as well as being promoted on social media sites Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Pet businesses can check out Petpav for the advertising it provides with the opportunity to directly target pet owners.

A special feature of Petpav is the contests that run throughout the year where one can win prizes. There's the friendliest pet contest, the most social pet contest, favorite pet celebrities, and other fun ways to share the pet's star quality and win valuable items for the pet. The first contest of this year is the Petpav Popularity Contest. Pets that make the most friends and share the contest on social media will be eligible to win prizes. The contest runs from February 3rd thru March 3rd

About Petpav
Petpav founder Lisa Fimberg established petpav.com so that pet lovers can have a social media site specifically designed for what she calls "petworking." Members set up profiles for their pets, share news and information, and take part in contests and forums.

Learn more at http://www.petpav.com/

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