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CreateEnergy: Celebrated Planner Empowers Readers to Co-Create Their Life with the Universe, Fostering Health & Balance Through "Intentional Living"

Masterfully crafted by Eden Energy Practitioner, Mikel Carmon, ‘CreateEnergy: Co-Creating Your Life with Conscious Intention, Balance and Simplicity’ provides readers with all they need to create a life of true meaning and purpose. But this isn’t an action-less self-help book; it’s a practical planner that enables readers to choose and focus on what they really want out of life, recording each desire and sparking a powerful process of achieving them through heightened conscious thought. One critic has already hailed the volume for its bold ability to “Bring balance & simplicity to your life”.


Seligman, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2015 -- Let's face the facts – humanity's flawed belief system prevents most people from ever achieving what they really desire. Everyone knows the feeling of creating a plan, fantasizing about one day turning it into a reality while, in the back of their minds, knowing it is simply a pipedream. Just when the world needs health and balance more than ever before, a compelling new life planner hits the market to change lives with gusto.

'CreateEnergy: Co-Creating Your Life with Conscious Intention, Balance and Simplicity' is the work of Mikel Carmon, a wellness expert who has devoted her life to understanding the universe's energy and its role as a creative and intelligent force. The book and its accompanying life planner empower readers to actively choose what they want out of life, exploiting an elevated level of conscious awareness than can turn any dream into a vibrant reality.


We create our lives with our thoughts and our behaviors. When we consciously choose our behavior or our thoughts, we are choosing to create a life of what resonates with us. It is that simple.

Co-creating your life with the Universe is what this life/day planner is all about. Every day, you choose what you want to experience and focus on. It is that simple. You get to choose. And intentional living is the result of deliberate choices, actions and thoughts.

Are you living the life you desire? Why not?!

Let this planner--and your own desires--lead you to the life you truly want to live!

"Most people think they know what they want out of life, but they really don't," explains the author. "This book allows them to figure out what they really desire, right now, in the moment. This is a vital link – because hoping for a better future is passive. If you can wake up each morning, organize your life plan and decide what you want right now, you're in a powerful conscious state to actually grab it."

Continuing, "The present point of power is now. The good news is that anyone can create a life congruent with what they want, and my book contains all of the tools and blueprints required to get it underway quickly. While the overall concept may appear to be slightly enigmatic, it's incredibly simple to put in place. In fact, a child could utilize the strategies without any problems at all. This is possibly your only chance to embark on a new life where you are in control, don't pass it up!"

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. Sallee Poole comments, "While first scanning Mikel Carmon's life planner, I was excited to see the special web she has created connecting physical and mental schedules of work and basic life circumstances with the spiritual paths of wisdom, healing and introspection. Through this tool she offers us a nudge to effectively use our days one at a time, remembering how powerful our thoughts and intentions can be."

Linda F. Radke comments, "This is the best place to write down your intentions each and every day. You will notice the difference from day one. I did!"

'CreateEnergy: Co-Creating Your Life with Conscious Intention, Balance and Simplicity', from Two Harbors Press, is available now: http://bit.ly/1zhna2Y

For more information, visit the book's official website: http://www.createenergylifeplanner.com

About Ms. Carmon
Ms. Carmon has been in the wellness field for almost 25 years. As a certified Eden Energy Practionener, her work forcuses on energy medicine, balancing energy systems in the body and understanding that energy is the underlying creative and intelligent force in the Universe. She also enjoys working with horses and mules, camping, wide open spaces and living off the grid in Northern Arizona. Her travel adventure business Spiritriders has taken her down the Bridger Trail, Oregon Trail and the Bozeman Trail. Mikel also took part in the Idaho Centennial Wagontrain in 1990.

Her work with Equine Assisted Learning is also a passion. Horses mirror who we are.