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NextGen Wonder Launches RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2015 -- NextGen Wonder, a new credit card holder manufacturer, announced the launch of their premium offering - an RFID blocking credit card holder in a small press meets here today. The credit card holder protects against the RFIT frauds and keeps the bank and credit card details safe and secure. The company is also offering a four GB credit card USB for free on the purchase of RFID blocking credit card holder.

When contacted the CEO of the company said, "Protect yourselves against growing RFID pickpocket security concerns as all new cards come with RFID which can potentially affect everyone."

RFID refers to Radio Frequency Identification. The technology is inserted in most of the credit and debit cards in the present tomes. Through it the data could be stored or read by anyone. It is necessary to obstruct the RFID to ensure that those looking to steal the related information and use the card to their advantage are not able to get through. RFID blocking credit card holder hampers the scanning of credit card and the details remain secure. According to the sources, RFID has become a huge concern in the recent past, especially due to coming up of new contactless credit cards. As per an estimate, over 100 million Americans are already affected and the number is growing at a blistering pace.

Speaking to the media, the representative of the company said, "It is very important to save your credit or debit card information. Through RFID anybody can scan your data. Our card holder blocks the RFID and does not allow any thief to access the details."

The product would be retailed through the biggest online marketplace The card holder has enough space and comes with an elegant design apt for both males and females.

In addition the company is offering free four GB credit card USB which has a shape of a credit card and fits in the wallet. The company is also offering a 32 percent off discount on the product for a limited time as a part of the launch offer.

About NextGen Wonder
NextGen Wonder is a new company for providing RFID blocking credit card holders to the customers at affordable rates.

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Contact Person: Marcus Cranbook
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Address: 36 Balmore Close, London E14 0NZ