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Leading Guayabera Manufacturer and Seller D'Accord Commences Special Seasonal Sale

Lowest-ever prices on a wide range of high-quality guayaberas and other clothing continue while supplies last, with shipping worldwide, D'Accord reports


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2015 -- D'Accord, a leading manufacturer and retailer of guayabera shirts and other garments, announced a seasonal sale on many of the company's products. Visitors to the D'Accord online store will find unbeatable prices on many of the company's American-made guayabera formal and wedding shirts, all available with convenient, reliable shipping worldwide. Since 1980, D'Accord has been a top source for guayabera shirts and other ethnic clothing, consistently delivering the best quality at the most attractive prices.

"We're happy to say that our eagerly awaited seasonal sale has now begun," D'Accord President Rafael Contreras announced, "We've slashed prices on many of our most popular guayaberas and other items, and most are available for same-day shipping. We're proud to be one of the world's leading producers and sellers of guayaberas and other clothing, and this sale is one of the best opportunities ever to acquire one of our products."

Commonly worn at formal occasions throughout much of Latin America and the Caribbean, and sometimes referred to as a "wedding shirt," the Guayabera is a distinctive and special garment. Theories as to the origins of the shirt vary, but it seems likely to have arisen through the interplay of native and Spanish cultures during the colonial period, either on the Yucat√°n Peninsula or somewhere nearby in the Caribbean such as Cuba.

However it originated, the guayabera has become an important part of the cultures of many countries throughout the region, as well as elsewhere in the world like the Philippines and certain African countries. Instantly recognizable because of its distinctive, vertical, full-length pleats, the guayabera is traditionally worn at weddings and other formal occasions.

Founded in 1980 by Spanish-born Rafael Contreras Soldevilla after he fled Castro's Cuba and became established in Miami, D'Accord is one of the world's leading producers and retailers of this celebrated, storied garment, as well as a range of other culturally significant clothing. D'Accord is led today by Soldevilla's son Rafael Contreras, who has upheld his father's firm commitment to quality and value while leading the company to greater growth.

As President of D'Accord, Contreras has overseen a number of important initiatives, including expanding the company's network of distributors and arranging for a recent website update that resulted in an improved experience for mobile users. Contreras also personally reads the feedback left by customers, taking action as appropriate to make D'Accord an even more satisfying and reliable source for the guayaberas and other cultural garments it produces.

D'Accord's new seasonal sale on many of its garments represents a special opportunity to secure unbeatable deals on a wide range of guayaberas and other garments, including casual shirts and banded undershirts. The sale will continue while supplies last, and the special prices are available to all visitors to the company's secure, accessible online store. D'Accord's high quality guayaberas and other garments are made in the United States and available for shipping worldwide.

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Since 1980 one of the world's leading producers and retailers of the guayabera and other iconic garments, D'Accord provides the best in American-made quality and craftsmanship at unbeatable prices to buyers throughout the world.