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Luxury Branded Launches New Partner Network Matching Companies to Their Emerging Audiences

Luxury Branded has created the new Luxury Partner Network to help brands find and collaborate with the best new media influencers who champion them to their target audiences.


Victoria, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2015 -- Luxury brands are excellent businesses to get into when the economy is in a time of downturn. The rich always stay rich, meaning the market for luxury goods never slows. As such, luxury goods brands have been thriving in recent years, but the way in which they market themselves means their buyers are an aging population. Luxury Branded is a marketing consultancy dedicated to helping luxury brands find younger markets for their products. They have just launched the Luxury Partner Network to help luxury brands connect with Millennials, in a time when younger generations are increasingly looking online for their next purchases.

The Luxury Partner Network allows luxury companies to work on marketing campaigns with the luxury industry's top journalists, social influencers and blogs. Through the network, luxury companies can execute marketing campaigns that reach Ultra High Net Worth individuals and affluent Millennials.

Already the company has over three hundred blogs, one hundred magazines and two hundred influencers looking for brand partnerships that will help them discover and share the right content for their audiences. These 'affluencers' pick which brands they work with, while the brands themselves choose a strategy devised in collaboration with Luxury Branded to maximize their impact.

A spokesperson for Luxury Branded explained, "What the internet has really been able to do for business is to crystallize the science of how things begin to become trends. Using that insight and knowledge, we can manipulate it on behalf of our brand partners to help them get coverage in taste-making online communities. This creates a momentum that will see the products become The Next Big Thing. Our affluencers are seeking scoops on the latest luxury goods while our brand partners are looking to promote them. With us in the middle of that process, we can tailor the coverage strategically to maximize success."

About Luxury Branded
Luxury Branded is a full service marketing and strategy company helping brands reach UHNW individuals and affluent millennials. They have been marketing for luxury and travel brands for over a decade and are located in Victoria, British Columbia. Their services include branding, social media, public relations, marketing and bespoke training.

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