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Peter Sleight Personal Training Launches Six Week Fat Loss Package Offer Exclusively Online

Peter Sleight Personal Training is now offering those booking online the option to engage with a six week fat busting program featuring customized regimes and diet plans.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/02/2015 -- With spring finally arriving and summer on the horizon, the beach body set are looking to tone up and drop the winter warming layer of fat. Doing so is surprisingly difficult however, especially when trying to manage a busy schedule or full time job, on top of specialist nutritional requirements and exercise. Peter Sleight Personal Training offers to take on the trouble of managing the food and exercise so individuals can simply submit themselves to the process, in a new six week fat loss course available on their website (

The six week fat loss program ( features a personally planned programme for individuals to reach their diet and fitness goals, including low fat gourmet meals and snacks cooked fresh daily. These in turn are tailored to manage any allergies, intolerances and dislikes at no extra charge, and are delivered 7 days a week.

A personal trainer will always be available by phone and email to offer support, as well three one to one personal training sessions a week, totaling eighteen sessions. The program begins with an initial consultation and assessment and concludes with re-taking body measurements and composition analytics to reveal how much progress has been made.

A spokesperson for Peter Sleight Personal Training explained, "Here at Peter Sleight Personal Training we understand that nutrition is 90% of progress. People can exercise as much as is humanly possible and still not make progress if the nutrition isn't right. That's why we're offering formulated seven day food plans that are customized to individual tastes, to ensure that nutrition is scientifically precise, giving people the energy they need to smash their day at work and their training sessions while also melting away the excess fat to help people reveal the toning and sculpting they're working on beneath."

About Peter Sleight Personal Training
Peter Sleight Personal Training is a team of very highly skilled mobile Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors and Pilates Instructors run by exercise specialist Peter Sleight. All team members have different specialties and all have a unique approach when it comes to training. One thing they have in common is a passion for health and fitness, and a commitment to helping clients achieve their goals, to get the best out of every session.

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