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GPS Navigation Reviews Publishes New Editorials on the Latest Hiking GPS and Car GPS Systems has posted new editorials covering the latest advances in GPS systems, which continue to diversify to meet a huge array of different needs and uses.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2015 -- GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a revolutionary technology we now all too often take for granted. Signals are radiated out at the speed of light to satellites in space, which then bounce the signal back. The device then triangulates its exact position from three or more satellites to an astounding degree of accuracy. is a website that specializes in reviewing the latest applications of this technology. They have just published new editorials on the use of GPS for Hiking, as well as the latest automobile GPS devices.

The latest article on Hiking GPS talks in depth about how to get the best from the device and why it's necessary. Many people choose to use their smartphone as a GPS when in the wilderness only to lose signal. Hiking GPS' use dedicated satellites to avoid this happening, and also provide much more detailed read outs of the local topology and routes.

The new Automobile GPS article content is all about the latest generation Garmin Nuvi, which has a super wide, super sharp screen for the best display while still boasting impressive battery life and accuracy. The item has been packed with features to try and make it the go-to GPS for cars.

A spokesperson for explained, "The good thing about the GPS market is that there are new products coming out all the time. That gives us plenty of new products to cover. The good news is that these products are locked in an arms race to give superior functionality and options, outstanding battery life and special features unique to how they are used. We aim to give people the most detail we can while still making our editorials clear and accessible. As such, we are an indispensable resource for anyone looking to buy a GPS for any reason."

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