Wickedly Hot Vapors

Wickedly Hot Vapors Caters to the Growing Demand for E-Cigarettes

Wickedly Hot Vapors has a wide range of products that include an array of unique e-liquid or e-juice flavors, e-cigarette accessories, starter kits and replacement coils.


Richardson, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2015 -- Wickedly Hot Vapors is a one-of-its kind store launched to meet the growing needs of vaping in Dallas by selling e-cigarette refills in various flavors. It is a brand new addition to the Dallas/Fort Worth vaping community, located in Plano Texas and Richardson Texas. They also provide their products online for purchase.

E-cigarettes and vaping are quickly becoming a trend, as they have lesser health risks and claim to be nicotine free to a large extent. But there is a lack of awareness when it comes to usage. The Wickedly Hot Vapors team assists buyers with knowledge on quantity, quality and flavors. They have an array of unique and exciting flavors like Crème de Fraise, Donut Shop, Blueberry banana pie and so on.

E-liquid or e-juice, generally taken in measures of milligrams, contains three main components – Nicotine, Flavoring and Dilutant. The more amount of nicotine, the stronger it is, and the dilutant is added in order to maintain the correct strength of the flavor and nicotine mix. It also produces the vapor which is inhaled by the user.

Among other products, the company also sells starter kits and e-cigarette accessories like replacement coils, batteries & chargers, charms, drip tips, and lanyards. The spokesperson at Wickedly Hot Vapors says, "Due to considerably lesser health risks and the fact that the amount of nicotine can be controlled, e-cigarettes are becoming a preferred choice for people who want to quit smoking. We provide a variety of e-liquid flavors and also help our customers understand how to use it. Customers can also buy our products online if they meet our age criteria."

About Wickedly Hot Vapors
Located in Plano and Richardson Texas, the Wickedly Hot Vapors team is the new entity of the Dallas/Fort Worth vaping community.

For more information, please visit http://www.mywhv.com/

Contact Name: Tracy Suggs
524 West Beltline Suite 14
Richardson, TX 75080
Phone Number: 972-231-4446