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Bangalore, Karnataka -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2015 -- Reputation problems have the prevalent impact on brand value and revenue, according to the survey, which was conducted by Forbes on behalf of Social Media Management service Prodder Company. In a world of global social media, managing the perceptions and expectations of customers and other stakeholders is one of the crucial tasks for entrepreneurs, and having a strong social media reputation can help both big and small organizations to address this growing challenge. But staying active in every social media accounts and hook up the potential customer to be the long term consumption of the brand is a bit difficult for an entrepreneur.

Managing social channels is the key of success in today's marketing world because when a social media event occurs, it can expanse throughout the international market very quickly. Corporations should be prepared to react with the same speed because the longer the issue remains in the public dome, the larger the influence. Speed is what differentiates all social media from other issues and while organizations may have a plan in place for crisis communication, management should consider how that plan works within the suite of social media. But managing different social media accounts every day or once in a week is one of the crucial tasks for entrepreneurs in order to engage their audience or customers with their brands.

Nowadays, this is very important for any business that they should consider evaluation of their social media marketing platform and check whether their risk alleviation controls and courses are working and, if they have an Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) process, discovering "How the social media risks align with it?" Social media is all about to engage customers, and customers in this day are very well connected to each other and to their retailers, service providers and manufacturers, both across platforms and countries." A recent survey revealed, business-to-consumer marketers plan to spend almost as much on social channels, advertising as on traditional advertising, in 2015; in return 13% of the increment can be predicted on the display, social, search, and mobile accessing of any brands.

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