Minority Office Report: Warning over Employee Monitor Software Now Being Used by Bosses to Track Employees

Big companies in using intelligent software to track and monitor their employees in “precautionary profiling” that is developed to search for any possible defects within their productivity and functionality


Bangalore, Karnataka -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2015 -- It looks like something directly from a science fiction movie - but technology companies are using software to forecast whether a fraud employee might steal from the organization or even have an office affair.

Satisfying the desires of employers everywhere, high-tech companies like EmpMonitor are developing mass cloud-based employee monitoring software to spy on employees as well as forecast what they can do both outside and inside of the office.

Various applications are now able to determine the likelihood of an employee enduring a nervous dysfunction, the leaking or selling of company's crucial files, theft or forecast any kind of 'improper conduct' - such as for instance unpleasant or disparaging social media posts concerning the company or even the chef.

Since the AI engineering fundamental 'Precautionary Profiling' could be programmed to monitor any kind of conduct and flag-up something regarded as possibly inappropriate by an employer, this kind of work creep can lead to prying on workplace relationships too. The employee monitoring software works by examining e-mails along with other data. It is also used to monitor how much time employees invest at work, at their desk by spying on the e-mails along with other activities.

In the recent time of "cybercrime" stress, it's easy to understand that businesses - and also the government - is eager to increase their level of monitoring and control so they can increase the advantages and reduce the risks for their own good.' To prevent, identify and fix security cases, IT security businesses have usually focused their interest on the monitoring of internal structure. The result of IT consumerization, social networking and cloud services makes this traditional technique inadequate for top options in regards to the security of company data and work ethics.

About EmpMonitor
EmpMonitor, (http://www.empmonitor.com), is a Bangalore based organization providing employee monitoring software for parents and entrepreneurs to watch out on the activities performed by kids or employees on their PCs. EmpMonitor records each and every user activity statistically that's an ideal way to keep their kids or employees more focused on their banished task.

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