Should Bosses Monitor Employee's Online Activity?

Taking a step ahead towards blocking social networking sites or monitor the Internet and PC use of employees, can help in improving the productivity of the organization.


Bangalore, Karnataka -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2015 -- It's a fact that, there are many employers who come across concerns that their employees or personnel uses work computers for unofficial works, like checking personal mails, watching online movies, scrolling through social media feeds, chatting online, or some other private work. As the amount of costly insider scam, burglary, lower productivity or unsuitable workplace behavior, in several organizations continues to rise, that's why more companies are spotting the need for an employee monitoring software.

EmpMonitor is a cloud based Employee monitoring & computer tracking software, whose vital goal is to provide productivity monitoring service. Having a tendency of bettering the productivity of the employees as well as organization, the employers can now pay more attention to their employee's working efficiency than before. As, the Internet is a constant source of distractions for people, right from Facebook to Gmail, YouTube to Shopping sites and everything in between, makes the situation impossible to be productive on the work. That's employee monitoring software are getting more and more popular nowadays among the employers.

A research was carried out, which showed that, approx. 32 percent of respondents used social networking sites during official working hours, whereas, around 23 percent had browsed for other jobs in working hours. During 2011, one-third UK companies blocked their employees from using social media sites at work, which in turn gave a sudden improvement in the employee's productivity in few span of time only. PC monitoring software helps employers to keep an eye on each and every activity of the employees in the organizations' computer, what all sites are being opened, files that are modified or opened, duration they stay on a site, etc. They also help in filtering the certain unwanted sites by blocking them, and whenever an employee tries to open it, a pop-up rises alerting them, and further employer is notified about it.

About EmpMonitor
EmpMonitor, (http://www.empmonitor.com), located in Bangalore, is a cloud based employee monitoring software assisting employers and organizations to monitor the employee's PC activities during the office working hours. EmpMonitor has the ability of saving screenshots, recording keystrokes, generating timely reports, and giving alerts.

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