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Trend-Bucking New YA Sci-Fi Fantasy/Adventure Series Invites Readers to Don 'Dream Trekker X-5000' Goggles & Embark on Epic Tenth-Century Quest

John C. Archer’s ‘Peter Wilson’s Dream Theater: The Dream Master’ is the first volume of a compelling new series that takes one fifteen-year-old on fascinating and often heroic adventures into his dreams, that are limited only by the power of imagination. Kicking off the series with gusto, readers join Peter as he travels back to the tenth-century to rescue a kidnapped maiden. Expect fearless Vikings, dragons, demons, and the undead; this series is unlike anything else currently on the market.


Clovis, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2015 -- Nobody can deny that the Young Adult Sci-Fi Fantasy and Adventure genres have seen a huge boom in popularity. However, readers and critics alike are still calling out for wholly-unique narratives that don't succumb to 'recycling' of the same-old concepts. Thankfully, author John C. Archer is answering the call with gripping aplomb; introducing a powerful new series that breaks all literary convention.

'Peter Wilson's Dream Theater' follows the life of its young protagonist as he balances teenage life with his remarkable ability to don a special pair of goggles that take him deep into a boundless dream world. Volume one, 'The Dream Master', serves as the perfect introduction. Hold on tight, because those accepting this first adventure will be travelling back in time over one thousand years. Don't worry, they'll return by morning…!


Fifteen-year-old Peter Wilson is more or less your typical teenager. He's smart, shy around the ladies, and always looking for adventure. But there's something a little different about Peter that sets him apart from his peers. And when he puts on a special pair of specs, his experiences are anything but common.

Using his Dream Trekker X-5000 goggles, Peter can be anyone he wants to be, go anywhere he pleases, and interact with anyone (or anything) he desires. He is limited only by his own imagination—and by one other fact. All of the magnificent things Peter experiences occur only in the world of dreams. And in these lucid, realistic dreams, he is an active participant, not a mere observer.

Peter Wilson's Dream Theater: The Dream Master follows Peter's epic Tenth-century quest to rescue a kidnapped maiden. Pitted against fearless Vikings, dragons, demons, and the undead—all in one night! Rich with history, lore, and all things alarming, this novel is sure to set readers' minds spinning and leave them wondering where Peter's dreams will take him next…and how they'll impact his waking hours.

"I've always held a huge passion for Sci-Fi and Fantasy fiction, but recognized that the market needed something new," explains Archer. "There's too many dystopian narratives out there, or books for young people without a clear-cut and positive message. I think any young person will find Peter's adventures very different from anything they have read before."

Continuing, "I made it unique through a thick cocktail of imagination and excitement. While Peter has a serious quest, he tackles it with a certain kind of brevity that makes it a lot of fun. "Fun" is what's missing from a lot of fantasy fiction these days – so I'm injecting it back in!"

Pre-release reviews have been extremely positive. One reader comments: "An excellent job bringing a fantastical, mythical world to life."

With the novel expected to be in high demand, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible after launch.

'Peter Wilson's Dream Theater: The Dream Master' is due for release on February 27, 2015 and will be available from Amazon Books: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1502566516

About John C. Archer
John C. Archer was born and raised in the vibrant city of San Francisco, California, and now lives slightly to the east, nestled in California's Central Valley with his wife and two children. He holds a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and a master's degree in organizational management, and he has long been an avid fan of both sci-fi and fantasy fiction.