Aus3D as the Official E3D Distributor in Australia Now Offers Genuine E3D V6 Hotend for a 3D Printing Experience Like No Other

The 3D printer is a revolutionary industrial robot that could print any three-dimensional objects based on the design created by the software for the printer.


Modbury, South Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2015 -- The advancement in the technology today has certainly provided people a lot of options to make their daily task much easier than before. With a touch of a button or a slight touch on capacitive screens of many devices, everything that needs to be done manually by hand is already fulfilled by a machine. And in the coming years, it's not surprising that most of the household items needed by people that has to be brought in the market can also be created right at the comfort of their home by using 3D printers.

The 3D printer is a revolutionary industrial robot that could print any three-dimensional objects based on the design created by the software for the printer. The item created could be made from glass, polyurethane (PVC), metal alloy, thermoplastics, metal powders, ceramic powders and plaster depending on the type of 3D printer. Its printing process involves additive processes wherein the successive layers of the base materials used are laid down as the computer system controls the printing. And pre-made designs could also be downloaded from the internet and have it downloaded at home.

The developments of 3D printer which was first utilised in industrial manufacturing were further expanded by many hobbyist and home-makers in 2005 during the inauguration of the open-source RepRap and Fab@Home Projects. And with the mass production of this industrial robot, this would relatively help consumers save money in buying household items that includes toothpaste tube squeezer, chip clip, garlic presser, measuring cup set, door stopper, windshield scraper, egg separator, pen organiser, outlet protector, cherry pit remover, ten-way drink dispenser, and wine rack.

One of the believers in the versatility of 3D printers is the leading printer suppliers based in South Australia which is the Aus3D. They have a wide range of 3D printers, 3D printer kits and 3D related parts and accessories. To further reach the consumers looking for an excellent quality of 3D printer, the Aus3D trades their products at eBay and has gained a lot of positive feedback for their fast order processing and professional service rendered. And because of their great service, recently they became the first official Australian E3D Distributors that are genuinely certified.

The E3D V6 hotend is a premium product that has a superior quality in both print and construction manufactured by the forefront of 3D printer hotend technology which is E3D. The latest version of the E3D hotend was redesigned from the ground up. And the design that made this hotend the best amongst the other is based on the criteria that the manufacturer has set which is bulkiness, easy assembly and maintenance, support on flexible materials improvement, shortening of heat up times and the increase in accurate control of the temperature, reliability issues of fix niggling, variety in sizes of nozzles, and the design.

With much importance given on one of the important part of a 3D printer, consumers that will be interested to buy 3D printers for home are rest assured that they'll be able to create quality products for they need in their daily living. To see more of the latest 3D printers and parts that Aus3D is offering interested clients may visit their website at

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