Expert SEO Corp - A Smart Home System All Set to Be Launched


Chelyabinsk, Russia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2015 --, an exclusive home system is going to be launched soon. The system allows users to avoid controllers in their smart homes. devices will help the users to get more comfortable living, allowing them to save electrical energy, offer safety and remotely control house with Android, iOS or any other mobile operating system. The system with worldwide compatibility comes with five devices.

Speaking to media, a spokesperson from the company said, "Yes, our invention is soon going to be available in market for everyone looking for convenience and a smart home within their budget. is an effective and affordable smart home system that will allow you to manage and control the home remotely. The best thing that makes it different from other systems is one does not need the central controller for managing the devices."

There are a number of smart home systems available in market such as ZigBee, Z-Wave, BelkinWeMo, KNX and Control4. They control the automation, users and demonstrate an exquisite interface for controlling house. They also store all the rules of behaviour of devices and scene. However, most of them are built around the central controller. system allows users to abandon any controller as all the functions of the controller are expanded among the devices of the system. The spread is so profound that even if users keep out any of the devices from the home, the system does not stop working. All the functions are redistributed between the remaining devices. The nonexistence of controller not only makes the system more constant, but also reduces the price considerably. The system has five devices including Motion Sensor, RGBW bulb, in-wall Dimmer, in-wall Double relay and smart Plug.

The company has also launched a campaign on to get support from viewers around the world. The aim of the campaign is to collect $87,000.The amount will be used for preparing project for launch, software, certification, testing and packaging.

About is an exclusive smart home system that allows users to take control of their home remotely. The product is going to be launched soon.

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Contact Person: DmitriyLukin
Contact Number: +7-909-086-42-50
Address: Lenin street 23, Chelyabinsk city, Russia