Tam Tam

TamTam Shares Great Passion for Music and Deep Advocacy in Dealing with Societal Issues in Her Arab Pop Music with a Twist

TamTam’s inspiration to write and record the song “Gender Game” is when reality hit her as to why woman should not show their faces or why should people not know who you are while most men can do whatever they want with it.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/02/2015 -- In the coming years, the music industry will be flooded with new subgenre of music and will top the airwaves as more and more people will seek fresh faces and excellent songs in the music scene. One of the subgenres that will definitely make every head turn is the Arab pop music. What makes this subgenre a new music to look forward to, is that Arab pop songs are synthetically combined by pop tunes with the elements of Arab music in collaboration with guitar and other Arab instruments. Moreover, the overall tone and the mood of the songs displays great focus on longing, melancholy, discord but most of them are of love issues in a minor key. But music lovers will surely be enticed with Arab pop music once they hear the rising Arab songstress, TamTam.

Though she's an Arab in descent, TamTam is a songstress now living in Los Angeles California that will set the record straight – that Arab pop music is the new generation's kind of melody people should hear. TamTam managed to weave deep advocacy to the women's right with her hybrid of blues, pop and deep influence of the Arab culture in her music style in creating a song that separates her music from clichés. She represents a cultural paradox which makes her music as strong as her spirit in facing many societal issues and she continuously inspires all walks of life.

As her voice resonates her deep inclination to the Arab culture throughout her music and her campaign for social freedom and women's right, it's not surprising that she has been one of the prominent talents that was invited last fall to take part and perform at the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media where she performed her emotion-packed and anthemic song "Gender Game". According to the Institute's CEO Madeline Di Nonno, the song has in fact, 'resonated their mission' to fight the conflicts within media depiction.

TamTam's inspiration to write and record the song "Gender Game" is when reality hit her as to why woman should not show their faces or why should people not know who you are while most men can do whatever they want with it. And just to voice out the rights of women in this big man's world, she made a lot of investment to have her thoughts and beliefs get materialized through her music. Though funding could be a daunting task to handle for a rising singer like TamTam, quitting never crosses her mind. She believes that in order to be heard by the masses, she only needs to work with the right people that believes in what she is fighting for, and the people that will invest in her to make a difference in the world.

Today, TamTam is preparing her new and fresh materials to be put on the airwaves sometime this year and not checking out her official website at http://www.tamtamsound.com, as well as her YouTube channel for her latest projects is certainly a thing that music lovers should never miss.

About TamTam
TamTam is a Middle Eastern-born musician based in Los Angeles, California. Her diverse background resonates deeply throughout her music, as her sound is cultivated by a rich combination of cultural and social themes. A hybrid of blues, pop, and Arabian influences, TamTam represents a cultural paradox. Her music speaks to many social challenges, including women's rights and social freedoms, and continues to inspire people from all walks of life. TamTam is a voice for an increasingly intimate global community, a voice for the new-age shift in human perspective.