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The Kingdom of the Sun and Moon: Compelling Adventure Story, Set in Austria During Habsburg Empire, Sees Mice Race to Save Oppressed Kingdom

Lowell H. Press’ ‘The Kingdom of the Sun and the Moon’ is unique to say the least. Set against the stunning backdrop of Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace during the age of the Habsburg Empire, the gripping adventure follows a tireless team of oppressed mice who are determined to overthrow their dictators. Fusing history with fantasy, the story also compels young minds to explore issues including fairness, compassion, bullying and standing up for what is right.


Kirkland, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/02/2015 -- In 2001, Lowell H. Press spent a summer in Vienna as his wife worked with a local telecom company. Steeped in beauty and history, Press spent much of his time at Schönbrunn Palace; an experience that would soon lead to the crafting and publishing of an enchanting fantasy book hailed "A wonderful tale of grit and courage" by critics.

The Kingdom of the Sun and Moon' is about mice. But don't be fooled – these tiny rodents contain all of the courage and spunk required to turn them into big, big heroes. Written for both children and adults, Press weaves an action-packed story around a myriad of life lessons that will send young minds soaring.

The König is a tyrant. His subjects are starving. And all-out war is fast approaching. Will a pair of young, courageous brothers save their kingdom? When an emissary sent by the König himself stops by the remote mouse colony of Long Meadow, the peaceful life Sommer and Nesbit have shared is turned upside down-and the brothers are catapulted into separate death-defying adventures. Sommer, levelheaded and clever, is ordered to the palace to join the König's illustrious Eagle Guard as it prepares to face a full-scale invasion by the nefarious Emperor Wolfsmilch and his army of a hundred thousand forest mice. Meanwhile, the small but spirited Nesbit is banished to the Forest of Lost Life for insulting the König, and must dodge hungry predators at every turn. The brothers struggle to reunite and defy the oppressors who threaten everyone and everything they have ever known and loved. But time is quickly running out for both of them-and the fate of the kingdom hinges on one last, daring mission. Set against the magnificent backdrop of Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria, The Kingdom of the Sun and Moon is an action-packed adventure story for young readers and adults alike.

"I wanted to create an epic adventure that, despite having animals as the characters, came across as very real and down to earth, as if it were a part of a real history, of a real civilization," explains Press. "That is why my mice don't wield swords or walk upright. They act like mice . . . except for the part where they speak English."

Continuing, "The novel deliberately addresses numerous societal issues that young people will encounter as they come of age. Examples include compassion, doing the right thing, forgiveness and fairness. Each is displayed by our little mice" And each will have readers expanding their horizons long after they turn the last page.

Readers agree, leaving a slew of positive reviews. Mark Corely comments, "A great read for all ages. Intriguing and compelling ... I read it in two sittings. Read it to your children in front of a fire, or have them read it to you. You will want to read it again."

Carla adds, "What a delightful tale - one I could see transformed into an animated movie much like The Tale of Despereaux. The author's skill was immediately apparent when I quickly found myself totally immersed in the lives and trials of this enchanting mouse kingdom. The setting was so intriguing and the maps that were provided at the beginning, helped enormously in following along as the story unfolded."

Bridget sees it as a story for all, writing, "This was a truly wonderful first novel. It is fiction for 5-8 grades. Youth fiction, I guess. All know I couldn't put it down. Read it on the recommendation of my 11yo. So glad I did!"

'The Kingdom of the Sun and Moon', from Parkers Mill Publishing, is available now:

About Lowell H. Press
LOWELL H. PRESS was inspired to write "The Kingdom of the Sun and Moon," his first novel, during a summer spent in Vienna, Austria, in 2001. While his wife oversaw the logistics of a telecom acquisition in the city, Lowell and their two-and-a-half-year-old son spent many a day at Schönbrunn Palace. The magnificent world of the palace and its glorious park lent itself well to a story about a kingdom of mice existing in the remarkable age of the Habsburgs, Beethoven, and the young Duke of Reichstadt, the son of Napoleon Bonaparte. A native of Kentucky, Lowell lives with his wife, Sasha, their two sons, Logan and Hayden, and their two cats near Seattle, Washington.