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MedInformatix, Inc. Launches Latest Medical Software in Light of US Health Care Gaps

Improved communication among medical providers is vital to resolving many of America's health care industry shortcomings, publishes


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/02/2015 -- In a study carried out earlier this year regarding the foremost countries for quality health care, the United States failed to earn a spot among the top ten; in fact, upon delving further into the matter, America would have ranked 11th in overall standing. While the study covered a number of individual aspects within each country's health care system, the primary downfall of that of the U.S. seemed to revolve around comparably high costs and lack of efficiency. This is antiquated news among the staff of MedInformatix, Inc. who have devoted their careers to developing IT solutions for the health care industry.

Following the release of this information, spokesperson Tom McGonigle has launched the latest version of the company's electronic medical records software. McGonigle affirmed, "Many of our country's shortcomings in these regards stem from communication deficiencies among members of various branches of health care as well as between medical providers and patients and their families. Basically, patient information isn't being exchanged as quickly or thoroughly as it needs to be. Our newly updated array of radiology information systems is designed to help mediate this dilemma."

Research indicates the lack of proper information exchange between primary care providers and specialists is the primary culprit in a number of negative health care scenarios. By slowing the implementation of treatment for many patients, this flaw leads to more visits to primary care physicians for symptoms resulting from serious conditions, an increase in the need for emergency care and a higher rate of re-admittance following hospitalization among other concerns. Despite the superior training and experience of health care providers, patients are suffering unnecessarily due to a lag in medical information exchange.

This level of inefficiency, in turn, drives up the cost of providing treatments for health care facilities across the board. The need for additional care, which could often be avoided with improved communication, brings about increased rates for insurance coverage. Both these issues leave patients in America paying almost 33 percent more for care than those in other countries across the globe.

Given the high cost of treatments, thousands of patients avoid receiving preventative care; at the same time, this increases medical expenses for these patients once their conditions reach critical points and they can no longer put off seeking treatment. This issue is believed to be partially responsible for America's lower than average life expectancy as well as a higher patient mortality rate. Though all facets of this country's health care system are lacking in some manner, communication is believed to be the key to both improving efficiency and lowering costs.

Concluded McGonigle, "Our radiology solutions can provide the answers many health care facilities require. These systems implement electronic transmission of patient data across multiple settings, which means this information is more readily available to all those involved in a patients' care whether in a clinic, hospital, rehabilitation center or at home. We tailor our software specifically to each client and offer training in its most effective use, follow up support and a number of other services. We will continue to develop new systems in order to better serve our clients, so they can offer a higher level of care to their patients."

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