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Condos Canada Highlights Condos for Sale and Rent in Metro Toronto launches online website of condos, lofts and luxury units in a wide assortment of Toronto neighbourhoods for sale or rent.


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2015 -- The financial online magazine "" advises Canadian residents that real estate can be their most profitable investment for the future. In the article "Investing in a rental property: The pros and cons" their finance experts advise, "There are several definite benefits to purchasing property as an investment in your portfolio. This can be for a condo that will be rented out to tenants, a house one buys for resale at a later date or in the purchase of a property that one decides to utilize as their own home. As with any large and life-changing purchase, speak to your personal accountant and attorney before finalizing any deal."

Meeting the needs of anyone who would like to buy their next condominium in the Toronto metropolitan area, are the web pages of Spokesperson Ahren Langshmidt explains how their website works, "The website offers a wide assortment of condos for sale in toronto, condos for rent in toronto and tips for anyone looking to invest in real estate in general. Our site is user-friendly and represents each real estate offering with descriptive photographs, crisp details and all the information buyers need to know."

Ahren Langshmidt elaborates, "We developed our website so that potential buyers looking for new condos for sale or to sell their current condo have access to the latest Internet technology. Our online guide features a comprehensive list of a wide range of real estate options, located in a diverse assortment of Toronto neighbourhoods. At any one time our web pages can be filled with up to 2000 GTA condo listings. Unlike the traditional MLS listings most people rely on, we offer more specific condo listings, more data about each real estate property and essential information buyers need to find specifically what they are looking for."

" is the website for real estate investors and home buyers who are interested in tracking price tends in real estate based on past history before making their move." Mr. Langshmidt continues, "Our website allows interested parties to make their own 'watch-list' of favored buildings and geographic areas. When openings appear, these website readers are notified immediately with a 'building alerts' email."

Ahren Langshmidt of adds, "Another regular aspect of our website are the ongoing blogs that offer helpful tips. These include tax strategies for those people who will both buy or sell real estate in the coming year. It also offers important tips for condo owners who seek to become landlords while renting out their properties. These articles are written by experts in the field and can make the difference between merely owning a condominium or making one's condo a prime real estate investment."

About Condos Canada
Condos Canada is a real estate website offering a wide range of condominiums, lofts and luxury properties throughout the Toronto, Ontario area. In addition to graphic photographs and descriptive narratives, readers can learn about the neighbourhoods that each condo is listed in before renting or making a purchase. The website is notable for its "cost calculator" that allows readers to figure the mortgage, purchase price, rental income and closing costs involved with the affordability of a potential purchase. Their ongoing blogs also highlight such topics as taxes, condo upgrades and landlord-tenant situations.