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The BlueChip Store Launches the New Diercon Personal Water Filter Straw

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San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/02/2015 -- The BlueChip Store has recently launched its new product called the Diercon Personal Water Filter Straw. Basically this is a device that can make most types of water be it river, lake, pond or any other water pure, especially for drinking. Hence, this can be a handy tool especially in case of emergencies. This product is now available online and can be purchased from Amazon at an affordable price.

This device is especially useful for people who like to have fun outdoors like walking tours, trekking, mountain climbing or going on a plain camping holiday. This can be a great emergency tool too; hence, it is advisable for people living in those places that are prone to cyclones, earthquakes and any other natural calamities. This is a good device to add to one's emergency kit as it helps make any locally available water pure. A recent survey was of the opinion that most Americans are unprepared for emergencies; but when it comes to water one cannot stock barrels and barrels of it. So a smaller and hence simpler alternative is this Diercon Personal Water Filter Straw from The Bluechip Store.

So, what is this device actually made of and what does it do? This mini purifier straw is made up of two parts; the upper half is hollow fiber ultra-filter (UF) membrane and the lower half is an antibacterial activated carbon filter. So this filter can filter out almost all types of bacteria (upto 99.9%), any micro particles, viruses including Ebola and organic contaminants. Additionally it also removes hardness by reducing the hardness causing salts, reduces heavy metal ions, chlorine, VOC. And thus all the impurities are removed, water is softened and any particles, ions, salts, etc that can be harmful to human being are removed, making any sort of water safe for human consumption.

Using this Diercon Personal Water Filter Straw is also quite easy. All users have to do is remove the lid and submerge the straw into the water source and start drinking. The purification is done by the time the water reaches the user's mouth from the water source. Additionally the device is also very easy to carry as it weighs only 60 grams and also comes with cap with a 100% dust free design to prevent secondary infection at the source. And the seller is offering 2 year warranty option if bought directly from the Bluechip Store.

About The Diercon Personal Water Filter Straw
The Diercon Personal Water Filter Straw can be bought online along some useful accessories including a foldable water bag, extension tube, pre-filter and backwash device at the Amazon website Customers can claim 5% discount on the product with coupon code 4JIWROET; offer valid till 31st March.

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