KOSH mArt Unveils New Specials on Fine Art Reproductions and Custom Commissions

Owning a beautiful, hand-painted reproduction of a masterpiece from art history or an entirely original oil-painted creation has never been easier or more affordable, KOSH mArt reports


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2015 -- KOSH mArt, a leading supplier of made-to-order, hand-painted, oil-on-canvas paintings announced several new special offers good at the company's online store. Thanks to the new specials, customers will receive free shipping through carrier DHL on orders delivered within the United States, as well as free frames for their paintings. In addition, for a limited time, visitors to the site will find a digital coupon good for 5% off the company's already-low prices. KOSH mArt customers can choose from hand-painted, oil-paint reproductions of a wide selection of the world's most famous masterpieces or commission affordable, original works based on digital photographs they provide.

"Our top-quality oil painting reproductions and original works are more popular and affordable than ever," KOSH mArt representative Suraj Omprakash said, "and we're proud to say that this much-appreciated success is allowing us to extend a number of great new special offers. We look forward to both past and new customers enjoying these amazing new opportunities to own beautiful, hand-painted art."

For nearly as long as fine art has been commissioned and appreciated, skilled painters have sought to imitate and reproduce the creations of top artists. What was once an activity that was intentionally conducted in secrecy has come proudly into the light of day in recent years, as art aficionados have learned to appreciate how rewarding and beautiful hand-painted reproductions of classic works of art can be.

KOSH mArt has been a leader in seeing this revolution through, helping to democratize the love and appreciation of fine art and creating new opportunities for customers to commission their own personal masterpieces. The company was established to help give customers of even modest means the benefits of the talents of the countless impressively skilled painters working around the world today and has succeeded even beyond its founders' greatest hopes.

Today, KOSH mArt allows customers to buy made-to-order, entirely hand-painted, oil-on-canvas reproductions of all of the most famous oil paintings from world art history. With a typical turnaround time of twenty-one business days, paintings selected from the company's catalog are created by highly accomplished artists who reproduce them down to the finest detail, with the final results often being indistinguishable from the originals even to trained eyes. Once the oil paint used to create these masterful reproductions has dried, the freshly created paintings are shipped, now free of charge through carrier DHL in the U.S., thanks to one of the recently announced special offers.

Customers can also arrange to have equally impressive paintings created from scratch based on the digital photographs or other materials they supply. Those who go this route can even request that images of the works they commission be sent back to them for critique and revision requests, ensuring that they will be thrilled with the final products. The new special offers at Koshmart are good on both these custom services and the company's many fine art reproduction offerings.

About KOSH mArt
The world's leading source for hand-painted, made-to-order fine art reproductions, as well as custom commissions, KOSH mArt makes owning great art accessible to everyone.